RickMat Bigfoot One Year Later – Part Two

After the announcement of the August 15 press conference that would present “DNA evidence and photo evidence” of bigfoot, we got our hands on the press release and the first released photo of “Georgia Gorilla”.

Also, some of the back story began to come out. Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer had been hiking in Northern Georgia, when they claim the had come across the body. While removing the body from the woods, they had seen three other living sasquatch. Whitton and Dyer then claim to have stored the body in a freezer. After appearing on the “Squatch Detective”, an internet based radio show hosted by Steve Kulls, they specifically said they wanted to work with Biscardi in presenting the body and evidence to the media. Biscardi was contacted and entered into an agreement with Whitton and Dyer to make the findings public.

Here are some of the vital statistics on the “Bigfoot” body:
*The creature is seven feet seven inches tall.
*It weighs over five hundred pounds.
*The creature looks like it is part human and part ape-like.
*It is male.
*It has reddish hair and blackish-grey eyes.
*It has two arms and two legs, and five fingers on each hand and
five toes on each foot.
*The feet are flat and similar to human feet.
*Its footprint is sixteen and three-quarters inches long and five and three-quarters inches wide at the heel.
*From the palm of the hand to the tip of the middle finger, its hands are
eleven and three-quarters inches long and six and one-quarter inches wide.
*The creatures walk upright. (Several of them were sighted on the same day that the body was found.)
*The teeth are more human-like than ape-like.
*DNA tests are currently being done and the current DNA and photo evidence will be presented at the press conference on Friday, August 15th.

We scrambled and were able to get a reporter, Eneida Revueltas, a press pass, after directly contacting Tom Biscardi by email.

The stage was set. We would wait until the press conference and see Biscardi’s evidence. All ready, Biscardi backlash was mounting, interestingly enough, from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO), rival bigfoot researchers to Biscardi’s SearchingForBigfoot.com group.

You would think Biscardi would be approaching this whole affair with caution. Only three years before this, he had appeared on the Coast to Coast AM radio show, claiming to have information from an unidentified woman in Stagecoach, Nevada concerning proof of bigfoot. The lead fell through, causing Biscardi a serious lose in credibility and embarrassment. He later claimed to have been “hoodwinked” by the mystery woman and had to refund a considerable amount of money he had precharged for the viewing the evidence.

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