Bigfoot Lunch Club Gets Mail From David Rodriguez

Crook's Wild Creek Photo

In a letter to The Bigfoot Lunch Club, David Rodriguez, a speaker at the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium addresses criticism of Washington State Sasquatchploitationist Cliff Crook. Crook recently got a little news print from the that we discussed in yesterday’s post, Washington State Bigfoot Round Up.

Rodriguez defends Crook in a objective refreshing way that is lost amongst so many Bigfoot researchers and groups who get caught up in there own celebrity status and tired dogma.

His straight forward criticism of the BFRO is summed up in the paragraph

I have to ask: What evidence does BFRO truly have that these photos are a hoax? (Matt, drop your grudge, its very unbecoming. As for other photos of Cliff’s, should you be called a hoaxer too because you have presented a few blurry photos by others as well? Everyone just needs to just try acting professional!)

Mr. Rodriguez gets two big thumbs up from Whales In Space for putting himself out there as an open minded individual.

Read the full letter on Bigfoot Lunch Club and go see David Rodriguez at the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium

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