Paranormal & UFO talks : Disinformation and UFOs – The Saucer Saboteurs : 27th February with Trystan Swale

Weird Events, a new organisation based in Swindon, Wiltshire are holding a series of talks in the run up to their 2010 International paranormal and UFO conference in August. The talks include well known speakers such as Nick Pope (former MoD UFO Helpdesk) and Malcolm Robinson (Well known investigator) amongst other names.
The talks are held in Swindon on the last Saturday of each month and will cover many subjects and beliefs.

Chris Williams, organiser of Weird Events said

“In February we welcome Trystan Swale to Swindon. He has spoken all over the country and we are very pleased that he is talking at our February event. Trystan will be talking on the subject of “Disinformation in Ufology – The Saucer Saboteurs”.

“The talk covers the diluted truths, outright lies and red herrings that abound in the investigation and research field of UFOs.”

“In the late 1990s some 80% of the American population believed successive administrations were withholding information related to the existence of alien visitors to their airspace. As pressure mounts for governments to disclose their knowledge of UFOs, fingers remain pointed at those accused of attempting to derail the efforts of committed UFO researchers. Who are the shady characters attempting to mislead those ufologists who may have strayed too close to the truth?”

“Trystan Swale is a folklore hobbyist and between 2004 and 2009 was an active member of two paranormal investigation teams in southern England. He has investigated a range of phenomena including ghosts, unidentified flying objects and out of place animals. When not busy piecing together and co-hosting Righteous Indignation podcast, Trystan is a teacher by profession”

Chris also said “The talks are aimed at anyone who wants to find out more about the subject matter and with our varied lectures through 2010, there is something for everyone”

The talks are held in “The Restaurant” Kings Hotel, Wood Street, Swindon. The doors open at 7:15pm and each talk finishes around 9:30pm. Entry is only £6.

More details:
Call 01793 484510
Weird Events
Lectures & Talks in Wiltshire, Join Paranormal Investigations.
Weird 10, Wiltshire’s International Paranormal & UFO Event

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