More Creepy Clowns

Less than a month after Gags the Creepy Clown was photographed creeping on the streets of Green Bay, another creepy clown news story has surfaced. Several children at the Fleetwood Manor Apartments in Greenville, South Carolina have reported a clown trying to lure them into the woods behind the apartments. The clown was seen by… Continue Reading More Creepy Clowns

Creepy Clowns

Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman has a very interesting post on his Copycat Effect BlogSpot detailing a recent ‘flap’ of Creepy or Phantom Clowns in the Chicago area. Since early October, numerous reports of a Clown accosting and possibly trying to abduct children have been coming from around the city. Described as “dressed in a multi-colored clown… Continue Reading Creepy Clowns

Zillah Washington Creepy Clown Sighting A Hoax

A recent creepy clown report from Zillah Washington appears to be a fake, as it reuses a photo used in other creepy clown reports, specifically one from West Virginia. Fidel A Valencia posted this photo and this message on Sept 23 to his FaceBook account. I saw a clown by the bridge their repairing in… Continue Reading Zillah Washington Creepy Clown Sighting A Hoax

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As Many As Four Clown Sightings in South Carolina

Reports of more sightings of creepy clowns in South Carolina. The details have inconsistent, except the fact that unidentified individuals dressed as clowns are haunting Greenville and Spartanburg counties. Some reports have the clowns with masks, others painted faces. On September 1st, a woman at the Canaan Pointe Apartments in Spartanburg saw a person dressed… Continue Reading As Many As Four Clown Sightings in South Carolina

Mysterious Creepy Clown Photographed in Green Bay

If you didn’t suffer from coulrophobia before, recent photographs of a creepy clown walking the streets of Green Bay Wisconsin should help. The creeper has his own Facebook page and has been given the name ‘Gags’. While Gags may be a publicity stunt for a horror movie rumored to made in Green Bay, the Phantom… Continue Reading Mysterious Creepy Clown Photographed in Green Bay