Michigan Dogman Sighting Last Fall

After our The Beast of Bray Road And The Michigan Dogman article, I found an interesting report of a Michigan Dogman sighting in Baraga County, Upper Peninsula, Michigan on Phantoms and Monsters. The report from last fall claims to have seen a creature, larger than a wolf, with the front of the beast much higher… Continue Reading Michigan Dogman Sighting Last Fall

The Beast of Bray Road And The Michigan Dogman

Something is crawling through the northern Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan woods. At this point, its almost impossible to separate the real reports and sightings, from the hoaxs, from those looking to use local legends to promote songs, books, and movies. Its all those elements, rolled into one werewolf like creature that occasionally pops out of… Continue Reading The Beast of Bray Road And The Michigan Dogman

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2009 So Cal Werewolf Sighting

Interesting report of dogmen or werewolf type creatures near Newport Beach California from 2009. By Stephen Wagner, About.com Guide My sighting took place around 11:30 p.m. on November 4, 2009. I work for the local 73 toll road in Newport Beach, California, and lately we’ve had some construction on the surrounding roads for the past… Continue Reading 2009 So Cal Werewolf Sighting

Werewolf Of Washington

As the line between sasquatch, batsquatch, dogman, mothman, and other Creatures blurs, I present to you… Werewolf Of Washington Dean Stockwell stars in this “nosh of a movie” as a press aid to the president of the United States, who has some animalistic urges that just might complicate things around the White House. Co-starring Clifton… Continue Reading Werewolf Of Washington

Truth Behind 1994 Batsquatch Sighting

Buried among the books on a shelf in my home sat a copy of Dr. Karl P.N. Shuker’s Mysteries Of Planet Earth: An Encyclopedia of the Inexplicable. When my wife was cleaning, she stumbled on it and left it out of the gardening and cooking books it had shared its shelf with, wanting me to… Continue Reading Truth Behind 1994 Batsquatch Sighting