Multiple UFOs 4th of July 2010 Over Huntsville, Alabama

From the Whales In Space contact form…
They seem pretty sure they aren’t Chinese Lanterns

We witnessed a total of four occurrences of visitor activity on the 4th of
July 2010 in the Lake Forest Subdivision of Huntsville Alabama. At 8:50 PM
we saw a single large reddish orange glowing orb coming from the south
moving slowing northward; it was very low, maybe 250 to 300′ above the
rooftops. There was absolutely no sound being emitted from the
illuminating sphere. We watched it for about 5-10 minutes as it passed
over our neighborhood and then got into our car and drove to the gas
station at the corner of Martin and Zerdt roads. We could see fireworks
off in the distance so we sat in the car for about 15 minutes and watched.
As we drove home heading west on Martin Road, we saw a formation of 3
glowing orbs. This time I really thought, hey these things are
extraterrestrial and I want to make sure there not hot air balloons or
helicopters. So we slowed down to almost a complete stop, rolled down the
windows to see if we could hear helicopter blades, but there was no sound
at all. And they were not hot air balloons. We had traffic behind us, so
we had to move on and we are not sure where they went, but assume they
continued to move northward as did the first one. We were sitting outside
and then around 10 pm we saw one more solitary glowing orb, but at a higher
altitude than the others and this one was either blinking, or something
behind it was blinking and we watched it move northward as well, then the
dog barked, we looked away and when we looked up again it had disappeared.
Then about 15 minutes later my boyfriend said, look at that satellite. And
I said, where? Then I exclaimed, Wow, did you see that? He said I sure
did, wow! We saw four distinct bright lights that looked like stars that
were in a cluster which was kind of vibrating and then they formed into a
line and just zip off into space on at a time very quickly. It made warp
speed seem slow, they just zipped up and off into space and where gone in
an instant. Neither of us had ever witnessed anything like this before.
We believe that since the orbs were so slow moving and close to the ground
there must have been a number of others who saw the same thing on that
clear 4th of July night in Huntsville, Alabama.

For the skeptics, I looked up sky lanterns and balloons on-line and just
wanted to let you know that there was no way the first one or the second
set of three that we saw were in any way sky lanterns. These illuminating
things were huge. They moved steadily and with a purpose. Not anything
similar to a sky lantern and we were close enough to tell that they were
not hot air balloons. My boyfriend thinks they were as large as a VW bug
and my estimate is a bit larger. They did not flicker and produced an
energy glow that was supernatural. This is the first time I have ever
looked at a ufo site and ever posted any such thing. We are both of sound
mind and we were not under the influence that night. I’d like to know if
anyone else has seen large orbs so closely? Thanks.

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8 thoughts on “Multiple UFOs 4th of July 2010 Over Huntsville, Alabama

  1. I live close to 72 in NE Huntsville, and my backyard faces Monte Sano, etc. I’ve beeing seeing crazy things from my porch lately! An insanely bright white light is usually involves, but I saw an ‘orb’ similar to the one you describe driving down a nearby road on July 5th.

  2. Just saw this exact same thing last night (07-13-2010 at around 9:15pm) over south huntsville. I was north on louis drive when I noticed the orb moving south toward me but then began to move southeast, I was able to get to hickory hill as it passed over head, I pulled my car off to the side of the road and rolled down my window to try and identify any sounds (jet noise, helicopter propeller) but heard absolutely nothing. When I got to my apartment at brittany point, I saw it hovering over what seemed to me to be the parkway around kroger.

    At this point i second guessed myself as to what I was seeing, and went back indoors. at around 10:00 I checked on the orb and it was gone. seeing as our two “sightings” happened around the same time. I’ll be looking for this again tonight between 9 and 10.

  3. i saw that same thing fourth of july 2010 but i live on long island there were about 4 or 5 of them just flying around

  4. Several of us saw something around 9 p.m. on August 1, 2010. It appeared to be at least 20 of the unknown objects flying south toward the airport. We live in the eastern limestone area. The objects glowed and moved too fast for hot air ballons. Don’t have a clue what we saw.

  5. C’mon now, this is 2010, and none of you had a camera, camcorder, phone cam, laptop cam, SUV back-up cam, or even an an old fashioned film camera?

    We need evidence! …or did the black helicopters show up later and confiscate the pictures?

  6. I havent saw anything in the sky, but I did see some kind of orb coming down my hallway. My t.v. shut off by itself. All sorts of paranormal experiences happen regularly since April 4th, 2010. This happened to you on a 5 universal day. In numerology that means a day of change, adventure,freedom and travel. No wonder July 4, 2010 was the day you saw them. They may have been wanting to join in on the holiday festivities with us or just simply `working’!

  7. My fiance and I saw the same thing in Portland maine during the fireworks on July forth 2010. We spotted the yellow orb from a distance at first while we were walking towards the fireworks. Then when we reached our destination at the edge of the crowd. the little yellow light started getting bigger and slowly made its way to the left then started to head right again and forward towards us then it stopped and hovered about 200-300 feet in the sky pretty much right in front of us for what seemed to be an eternity but was probably only about 2 minutes. It seemed close enough that we should have been able to see detail and some sort of structure but it just appeared as a yellow light with a tiny red light circling the outside so fast that it set a continuose trail of light around the rim. I started to panic and walk backwards because I was pregnant and felt as though they were observing me. I started praying in my head for safety and then the object shot out and away into space. It took about 2 seconds to go from being almost right above us not much higher than the trees to appearing as a star. I have seen videos of that night from others and there orbs look the same as when we first saw it high in the sky. And I asked my fiance why that firework was not falling.

    To the skeptics: We are not trying to convince you! We are simply trying to get details from each other.

  8. Last year, July 4th 2011, I was driving west on Winchester Rd in NE Madison County, AL looking to the left toward the MT Carmel subdivision’s fireworks displays and as I neared Naugher Rd I saw a formation of about 7 to 8 stationary red lights near the cell phone tower on Homer Nance Rd. They were no part of any fireworks display, did not move, and did not explode like fireworks. I made a left on Naugher Rd and the lights remained still and steady as I made my way down Naugher to Jordan Rd. Once I turned West on Jordan the lights were gone. Later I drove East on Winchester and turned around at County Lake Rd and at the Gracepointe church/Riverton nursery area I saw 3 more in a triangular formation over the neighboring subdivision there toward the South……At work the next day I asked if anyone else I knew had witnessed this and no one had……..wondering if I’m the only one?

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