Orange Ball Of Light UFO Reported Over Portland On June 2nd

An ORBL (Orange Ball of Light) report from from over Portland Oregon, June 2nd 2010.

Description: I saw a glowing orange ball traveling east above the Columbia River near Portland. the ball was traveling approximately 100 miles per hour. It was difficult to judge altitude. The clouds were low and the ball did not look to be obstructed by the clouds. This was very unsettling.

Additional Report by Witness (In Response to Investigator Questions): I heard no sound at all. The object was reddish-orange, not exactly a ball. It was difficult to focus on due to the shimmering light. There were a couple planes in the sky and this was definitely not a plane. We are surprised not to have read about it anywhere yet.

Note: The closest airport to where the sighting occurred was Portland-Troutdale. Skies were overcast with cloud bases at 4,900 feet at the time of the sighting.

And to add extra interest to this report, my family and I were driving back from Northern California to Olympia, Washington and passed through Portland at a bit before 10:30 pm on June 2nd. This report was from 10:20 pm.

By the time we hit Portland, we had been in the car for over 16 hours and a flying saucer could have landed on I-5 right in front of us and I probably would have just driven past it, but I find the time synchronicity very remarkable.

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