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See a UFO? Spot a sasquatch?

Position the marker on the map in the location of the sighting, then click the marker to enter the details.

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7 thoughts on “Report A Sighting

  1. Did anyone see the bright orange/red lights in the sky on Friday evening 04-13-13 around 8:40 pm ? There were between 15-20 gathered in formation and then they split up and went seperate ways in groups of 4-5. They were visable for about 21 minutes. They had no sound. Shortly after they started to leave a fighter jet appeard in the sky west of where the lights were.

  2. On 6/18/2013 in Clarke County VA at around 3am I awake up and saw a bright white light and I stared at it for a few minutes, then it seemed to blow up, then I saw about 10 separate white lights take off from what seemed to blow up. I watched and the lights moved in so many odd directions through the woods. I also saw lights get close that seemed to look a greenish blue in color. I saw one white light go by my bedroom window so I went to look out another window and I saw a white flashing light low to the ground in my front yard moving around as to scan the ground, after a minutes or so, it headed towards the woods and when it started going into the woods, I didn’t see any lights. The sky was still very active and I keep thinking how the light moved through the woods.

    1. Mee tooooo. It was green and shiny and it smiled at me from behind the Walmart. I tried to look for it but it was nowhere to be found. Musta flown away in a saucer.

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