Black Hole UFO Seen Over Berkshire, UK

On the morning of Monday, September 28th, a Berkshire, UK resident saw a black balloon UFO hanging in the grey English sky.

I was taking my Daughter to work about 8am in the morning with a dusky daytime light, and above a house around the corner from us was a black perfect circle, not balloon shaped or with any kind of visible string. We sat and looked for a few minuets and it didn’t seem to move at all, and was a really dense black, we both thought we could explain it after watching but we couldn’t. I took this attached picture from my landing window when I got home, it was gone when I looked again at 10am.

Also friend of mine whos garden I tidy nearby mentioned it to me first on the following Friday & said she’d seen another from out of her front window which was larger.

The photograph of the object she mentioned is below.

Black Hole Balloon UFO Over Berkshire, UK
Black Hole Balloon UFO Over Berkshire, UK

The photo and description match other black balloon cluster and black balloon hole UFO sightings that have been reported on Whales In Space.

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10 thoughts on “Black Hole UFO Seen Over Berkshire, UK

  1. we saw one exactly like this on the 12th june 2010 at around half nine, ten at night but it was still light outside. it didnt move for a bit but then started falling downwards in a diagonal line. we looked at it for ages and it dissepeared behind the trees.

  2. Could you give more details about your Black Hole UFO sighting?

    I would like to make it its own post on our site

    Where were you at?
    What were the weather conditions?
    How many people were with you?
    Can you describe how it made you feel?
    Any thing else of interest happen earlier that day? After?
    Anything else you wish to add

    Thanks for posting your comment on our site


  3. black hole ufo

    hi i have seen 1 of them and it was coming towards me it was coming closer and closer towards me and at that moment u hurd a realy big bang in the sky and it was about 7 and they was 1 bright yellow light on it . ! it came closer and closer but after 2 mins it diserpiyers in to the clowds !
    Hi am courtney and i am from the uk .

  4. i saw this exact same thing 100%. near tilehurst train station. come over the roundabout from purley and it was over the houses to the right hand side. only about 5-7 feet maybe less above the house. i have looked again eversince and not seen it again. i wish i had stopped and got out and figured out what it was. but defo the same thing.

  5. Me and my friend saw the same thing today, but there were like 10-15 of them, they were going at some speed and were all black, we are in the middle of Scotland. The wheather was gray clouds but when they went in to the clouds they went dusty yellow and peach, it was just me and my friend some others saw it and they thought it was a kite but it was way to high to be a kite and no string.
    we wished we had taken a video or photo because no one belives what we saw. It was around about 7:15pm it was still light. hoped this helped we are still trying to figure out what it was! xx

  6. I love how you all said the same thing rofl, I know none of you saw what she was seeing. And the girl in the UK? You must have been high as shit. But go ahead and keep lying đŸ˜‰

  7. ham u twat im talking about the picture. i come from reading and saw the actual black ball in the pic. look up the news report in GET READING its opposite tilehurst station. im telling ya it was not right. something dodgy for sure. defo not a balloon or marketing or any thing like that. im not a complete dick and i know what a balloon looks like. i was so much closer than the person taking this picture. Dont you think that if it was a balloon no one would really report it. may one if they wanna be wierd but not loads. and not enough to put pics on line.

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