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Mystery Hum Reported in Olympia, Washington

Published on April 20, 2014 by in Just Weird

In our catalog of recorded weirdness are unidentified mysterious unexplained sounds, booms, bloops and don’t forget hums.

Olympian Washington has a history of odd hums. A recent article in the Olympian of an report of an unidentified hum in Olympia, Washington mentions previous hums as well, with more in the comments:

I remember this sound. I heard it every night off of Oyster Bay Road, easily over 10 miles NW of Olympia. We never figured out where it came from. It is a very rural area with none of the things like street sweeping or pressure washing. I remember we thought maybe it was coming from further north and that the sound was more audible because the water amplified it. I guess it could be similar in pitch and frequency to the sound of the trains traveling on the tracks (which I can hear in Lacey).

For more info on the Hum world wide, check out

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Mystery Light On Mars

Published on April 9, 2014 by in Just Weird, Space

On April 3rd 2014, the Curiosity Mars lander returned pictures of an unidentified shaft of light in the distance.

Shaft of light from Mars

The UFO crowd was quick to blame aliens.

“This could indicate there there is intelligent life below the ground and uses light as we do. This is not a glare from the sun, nor is it an artifact of the photo process.” – Scott C. Waring

Other theories include cosmic rays and tricks of light due to the dual cameras on Curiosity.

No, That’s NOT an Artificial Light on Mars

NASA Explains Martian Flash, and It’s Not What You Think

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UFOs Over Olympia, Washington December 31st, 2013

Whales In Space kicks off 2014 right with a UFO report over our hometown. The report could be Chinese Lanterns from the behavior and the fact it was New Years Eve, but it is not our job to figure this out, just get the info out there.

The report was originally left as a comment on a February 8th, 2012 sighting post over Olympia in Western Washington.

Did anyone see the 2 orange lights in the clouds at around 9:30pm on December 31st, 2013, last night, over Olympia? One of them came from the north and then another from the northwest,both were traveling south then the first one kind of did a spinning twist gaining altitude then fading out. The second one continued south then faded away. It almost looked like 2 fog lights in the clouds, but they were moving way to slow to be an air plane, and there was no noise, so they could not have been 2 helicopters. Also the way the first one spiraled up was something a copter could not do. These lights were viewed near the I-5 bridge which is Capitol way where Olympia and Tumwater meet.

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Hundreds Report UFO Over Western Oregon

Hundreds of witnesses are reporting seeing a mysterious UFO over the Willamette Valley Oregon on Wednesday November 20th between 6:30 and 7:00 am.

Already, space junk, meteors and airplane contrails have been credited, but none of those seem to fit what was reported and widely photographed.

UFO Over Willamette Valley Oregon

More photos here

Anyone who saw this object, please contact us if you with to share what you saw.

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“Area Code 78728, Nov. 9 2013, 5:30pm Black Balloon Cluster”

Received November 10th, 2013.

Area Code 78728, Nov. 9 2013, 5:30pm Black Balloon Cluster

I feel lucky to have _finally_ been able to make sense of the bizarre daylight ufo I glimpsed briefly yesterday but had no opportunity to examine through more careful observation at the time. Thanks for providing this clearinghouse which enlightened me to the apparent cultural phenomenon wherein a cluster of black helium balloons is released. Only this explains perfectly what I saw, which I had been describing as a loose collection of about a dozen vaguely triangular shapes black in color seemingly “swarming” in a random ‘furball’ (an aviation term) high in the sky, perhaps at 5000 ft. estimated altitude. I had begun to wonder how I was going to possibly explain what I saw.

We have never implied that the Black Balloon Cluster UFOs are ‘black helium balloons’.

I believe ‘Area Code 78728′ is referring to zip code 78728, which would put this sighting somewhere over Austin Texas on November 9th, 2013.

This may be the same object reported in this MUFON case, except the MUFON report is almost 350 miles south of Austin.

View Larger Map

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How To Recognize The Reptilians Running The US Government makes it almost too easy to identify all the pesky Reptilians who run the US Government with this easy to follow guide, How to Spot the Reptilians Running the U.S. Government

With a great collection of links and analysis of some predominate politicians, you too will know what 12 millions Americans already know, there are a bunch of lizards in Washington DC.

Obama, Biden, Rommeny, and of course Dennis Kucinich are analyzed. Don’t forget Newt Gingrich, he even has a video, which I don’t quite get, but we all know video doesn’t lie. Newt Gingrich Confirmed Reptilian Shapeshifter

At the bottom is a do it yourself test to determine if you are a reptilian.

My results of the the test “Yes, you are a reptilian.”

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