Jeff Peckman and the Stan Romanek Alien Video

This is a weird one that hit the news hard enough to make Larry King and then faded into the background really quick.

Stan Romanek shot the video and has been holding it since July 2003, claiming its being used in a documentary and that scientist are studying it.

Below is the footage that hit the web

Then on Larry King, it comes out the above video was made by some guy named Mathew Baxter who claims to have seen the original at a conference in Denver, and this isn’t the Romanek video. Why would Baxter go thru the trouble of debunking Romanek’s video like this?

Then throw in Jeff Peckman, who is trying to create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission to prepare for visits from extraterrestrials and is using this publicity. The video is to be included in the upcoming documentary to be released later in 2008 and he is using the press to get enough signatures to get this ‘Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission’ on a Denver ballot.

So somewhere we have the real Romanek video and this unnamed docuementary. Meanwhile we have fakes of the video and Jeff Peckman’s ‘Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission’.

Freaking weird

Oh yeah, and this video of a fake alien shot outside my window.

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