Montauk Monster

[note: 3 days after the first Fox News article, they came out with the “” approach and a new picture, trying to discredit the original photo and photographers. Venom Energy drink has gotten in on the fun, offering a reward for anyone capturing the creature live. Updates on how that is going here.]

Montauk New York is a nice little tourist spot all the way at the ‘other’ end of Long Island. Know for fishing, vacationing, and surfing, it the home of the oldest active lighthouse in the US and a celebrity vacation destination in the high end ‘Hamptons’ for NY rich folks to escape to.

It is also the home to several active and closed down military bases and has long been rumored to be a ‘weird’ hotspot. Ever wonder why it’s featured heavily in the brain bending 2004 film ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ or several X-Files episodes?

The Montauk Project is suppose to be a continuation of the Philadelphia experience the 1943 US military effort to turn an entire war ship, the USS Eldridge, invisible. It sort of works, but opened up a whole can of worms regarding the military doing experiments of this sort.

Enter the Montauk Project. Claims of experiments with teleportation, parallel dimensions and time travel.

So I’m not surprised, when Fox News is sporting pictures of weird, unknown creatures being washing up on the beaches of Montauk and it shouldn’t be any additional surprise or lack there of that the body can’t be found and some confusion surrounds the pictures and the reports.
To me, it looks like Vinz Clortho, “The Keymaster” from the first Ghostbusters movie (minus the horns).

What ever it is, or was, it’s drummed up some local press
Gawker coverage of the East End Eagle-Dog.
Plum TV’s tease of an interview with the beast’s discoverers.
New York magazine’s relatively informative article.
New York Newsday’s tongue-in-cheek take.

File this one away with the other Cryptids reports, that flash in the mainstream media and the quickly
fade away.

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4 thoughts on “Montauk Monster

  1. This will be very interesting indeed. Somehow I’ll be surprised if it turns out that the DNA proves to be that of the elusive Bigfoot.

    If it does, then what? Are they going to be hunting those poor creatures, trying to capture one alive?

    Like I said, this should be interesting.

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