BFRO vs Biscardi – Bigfoot Backlash

The Tom Biscardi Bigfoot Press Conference failed to delivery the conclusive DNA and photo evidence many (including myself) were hoping for.

What it did appear to generate is some serious backlash.
The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) had declared the whole thing a hoax before it was over. Claiming the freezer picture is a Bigfoot costume with some animal innards on top.
Then we have the Bigfoot Police Channel on YouTube. But as we learned with the Peckman and Romanek Alien video that landed on YouTube, discrediting people on the internet is way to easy these days.
Main stream media would rather have a hoax than an unknown, so they start the “its a hoax” stories going.
Komo News from Seattle finds Cliff Barackman to discredit the story. Surprise, surprise, he is a member of the BFRO

Could they be behind the negative YouTube videos as well?
Its not hard, slap some video of Biscardi talking from Fox News and put the word hoax in the title.

This makes me wonder what the BFRO has against Biscardi.
This story is far from over.
This has not been proven a hoax!
Why not let the additional DNA evidence come back?
The BFRO is discrediting its self by not challenging this story in a more professional manner.

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