Northern Territory Australia UFO Flap

The Northern Territory News is reporting on a UFO flap currently taking place in center of the mainland of Australia.

Since March, people have been reporting UFO activity in increased frequency. The Australian UFO Research Network has getting lots of reports and have people watching the skys looking for more.
On May 3rd, The Australian UFO Research Network national director Diane Frola said there had been more than 35 sightings in the past seven weeks.

There are ‘Sceptic’ politicians reporting strange objects and an Acacia Hills’ man taking pictures of something odd in the sky.
Multiple families in the small town of Marlinja say multiple UFOs hover nears their homes.
A father and son fishing report something zipping thru the sky.
A couple being buzzed by a saucer while in there car.
And more sighting and photographs.

The Northern Territory is sparsely populated, and this is an amazing number of sighting for the area.

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3 thoughts on “Northern Territory Australia UFO Flap

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