UFOs Over Alabama – October 14th, 2008

Blossom Goodchild, an Aussie actress and author, has gotten peoples attention with a prediction that the ‘The Federation of Light’ will be hovering over Alabama within a 72 hour period of October 14th, 2008. These aliens will be hanging around long enough, in their massive extraterrestrial spacecraft, to be seen and photographed by the media and the rest of Alabama, therefore proving the existence of extraterrestrials.

I guess we’ll see.  I can’t wait.
Check out more about Blossom Goodchild, Direct Voice Channel Psychic Medium.

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44 thoughts on “UFOs Over Alabama – October 14th, 2008

  1. so on oct 14th a ufo is going to appear, which happens to be the feast of tabernacles, apple has its new product coming out and low and be hold its a full moon. so much happening on one little day geezes the craziness. i’ll tell you what’s going to happen everyone is going to wake up go about their normal tuesday day, religious folks will be celebrating the feast of tabernacles, the full moon will come out, tons of people will be looking to the sky and apple’s stock will go through the roof. Good Luck on spotting that UFO.

  2. I lot of things happen on the 14th

    The space shuttle is to launch
    Many Video Games are Released
    Apple puts the new MacBook on the shelf
    Full moon
    Canadian Federal Elections take place
    UFO to appear

    Hummm I wonder which company hosts Blossom’s web page. Maybe I should call and see if she made arrangements to cancel her service agreement on the 18th. Because if 10-14 doesn’t happen she going to need to cut her expenses.

  3. September 25, 2008

    Message from ATHERIMIS, a member of the Galactic Council regarding the rumors of a visit of extraterrestrial spacecraft to planet Earth on October 14, 2008. This message is broadcasted to communicate that no intervention of beings from other dimensional levels are allowed on planet Earth.

    “In our history, the time that we know as August 1950, both the Planetary and the Earth Councils agreed to protect the Earth from any exogenous intervention that could determine the fate of the Human species. By that time, the Human species already had enough conscience and autonomy to make their own decisions on the physical plane. Any intervention on the Planet would limit the exercise of free will of the species. To build or destroy their present and future would be decisions that the entire Universe would have to respect. In this sense, the Universe does not judge. Everyone manages his or her resources the best they can. This is something that has been allowed in the Terrestrial Collective.

    Before 1950, during 40 years, other species were observing and studying the Human species. When the borders can be crossed there are no limits for those who can pass. Others did the same thing as You are doing now by extending out of your own borders and studying everything you find as you proceed. The external intervention at that time was transforming the future of the species and violating its free will. The Galactic Council placed a halt to that intervention. This is a Galactic decision that is still currently in place. Though during the last 50 years there have been unauthorized interventions, members of the Galactic Service permanently enforce the Law. The Council is vigilant. In the universe, each time there is a visit from one species to another, there is an ethics protocol that must be respected. Those visits are not offensive and never violate the Law. Do not produce fear, bewilderment, or fear. Councils are always watching. If these visits occur, these must first be approved by those involved. No one has to receive an unwanted visit to his home. In the case of our visits as your guides, in your hearts you know, even if you do not see us, that we are present in your lives because those visits were requested and authorized by yourselves.

    There is an agreement of the Galactic Council that if the extinction of Earth is imminent an evacuation and relocation of the survival human beings will take place, in the same manner that you assist an endangered subspecies. This agreement has not materialized yet because the extinction of the planet is not imminent. The destruction is an option in the future. On the Planet, human beings are in charge of their own destiny. The most advanced group on Earth have observed and studied animals without disrupting their existences. Even when they see animals hunting, killing, and eating other animals, the observers do not intervene. They respectfully observe and study other species to know them. Similarly, observers of the Human species come to see you to understand you yet they do not intervene. Observers do not like being seen because this will modify the behavior of the observed species. They use available resources to maintain the most natural conditions of the species and their spontaneous behavior. They never allow the observed species to be cognizant of their presence or cause them fear. They observe with love.

    Nothing that produces fear is Love. Fear, chaos, or confusion, are not love. When messages produce fear, fear and discord are broadcasted, this is not love. That is real terrorism: To produce fear. Only when the fear is broadcasted, the purpose of fear is disclosed. Brothers and Sisters, I invite you to spread only Love.

    Peace and Love to all Brothers and Sisters on Earth.


    Message from KIZLODOM, a member of the Planetary Council

    “Greetings to those who receive this written message”

    You are not alone. Divine forces have always been vigilant in protecting and mapping the Path. The Planetary Council’s role has been alike an elder brethren who tenderly sees the wrong steps of humans while they learn how to walk. Sometimes, in similarly as to when an adult observes a child, it is enjoyable to see the falls because they are done from their innocence. On those moments, we always give our hand to people who have fallen to help lift them up. You do not need to see us or receive extraordinary visits to know that we are close. In your hearts there is the truth.

    Death and birth are natural ends of the chain of life. Changes are part of growing up. There is nothing to fear. The form is continually changing. Waters ebb and flow. Winds gust and calm. Borders are transformed. All of this is natural. It has happened and it will continue to happen. In this way the Earth is transformed and the species adapts. Everyone has his or her time of expression. The task is to enjoy it. That is to live in the now. Take the time that is allocated to you. Enjoy the space that has been given to you.

    I greet each one of you in your heart, so your heart will reveal the truth that lies in each one of you; the truth according to your time and space.


    Message from AVAR, a member of the Terrestrial Council

    “Everyone will see what they want to see. Love never produces fear. In this way you can recognize what does or does not come from the Light.


  4. Kewl, I’ll probably be out camping under the full moon in central Alabama on October 14th. Bring on the UFO!! Some of the reports I’ve read on this visitation state the mothership is really, really huge. So, I’m thinking it’ll cover many cities and be no way to miss it…unlesssss, this is one of those “special” sort of things you have to really, really believe in for it to exist. That’d be a drag for our alien Tinkerbell, huh?
    Anyway, whether they were coming or not, I’d still be going out on the land camping because it’s what I like to do on full moons. But I suppose I might should plan for company – just in case. If they do “drop in,” I’ll show the visitors some good ol’ Southern Hospitality—–not the kind with a shotgun —– but you know, more like a Paula Dean Cookout or something…lots of fatback ‘n’ butter. I bet the aliens will be hungry after that long trip, whew! I know I’d be ready to gnaw the leg of a mule after a 2000 year trip across Time & Space. I hope they don’t need to refuel in Alabama. Have you seen the price of gas in the Southeast? Dang. Anyhoooo….
    I guess I’ll make an aluminum foil hat, fire up the bar-b-q grill (I wonder how many alien visitors should I plan to cook for?) and take my camera – just in case. If anything comes of it, I’ll post the close up pics of the spaceship and lightbeings, as soon as I get out of radiation therapy and the surgeons remove the melted aluminum foil hat from my hairless head.
    Klaatu barada nikto, Ya’ll!

  5. I think this s the most ridiculous thing that i have ever heard. and I live here in Alabama. that just doesn’t even make since, what were these people smoking? whatever it is LAY OFF.

  6. “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.” (Proverbs 1:7)
    “Only fear LORD and serve Him in truth, for consider what great things He has done for you.” (1 Samuel 12:24)

    Fear of getting caught has saved many a potential criminal from following his sinful impulses.

    These “extraterrestrial” beings are claiming to be here to help and guide us, but they are nothing but the fallen angels of the Bible, led by Satan. The LORD is coming soon for His church. Repent now and accept Jesus Christ as your Savior. The whole UFO phenomenon is none other than the End Times Deception. Do not let yourself be deceived!

  7. There is no ethics, protocol, etc. The ships have been around for a long time. I have seen them myself. There is a big difference between a few individuals seeing a ship and the whole of humanity, or even a critical mass. The difference has to do with the lack of belief in the possibilities of such thing, nothing more. Humanity collapses it’s own quantum waveform. If you invited nasty beings here, they’d come, and there’s nothing any imaginary galactic council could do to stop it. Only you have the ability to filter your reality. However, you are more than your physical selves, and you are intentionally filtering your reality until you feel that you can open the floodgates without inviting negativity.

  8. Iam amused so far.It would be wonderful to get answers for questions like,why we have starving children in the world but can feed our cattle.Why the drug companies get rich and we get toxic as well as dead.Why people smoke as though its an addiction whenAllen Carr can cure you . Same with alcohol and drugs.We certainly need to be released from our illusions.On the other hand we also need to be caucious.Hungry Aliens might lie about their motives.

  9. Well, well….
    what to do….
    if they dont come, which is the most likely choice, it will be just another boring night in Alabama…I’ve lived here all my life and have never seen anything remotely similar to a ufo…
    Like the other person said, why Alabama?..What do we have here that aliens would travel across the galaxy to get…cotton???we have alot of it!!
    All i know is this, if they show up im going to shoot at them and see what they do..
    Forget all the southern hospitality stuff, unload the guns at them!!!!lmao
    On a serious note, who can actually believe that out of all the billions and billions of galaxies and all the stars in those galaxies that earth would be the only place where there’s life?????
    Maybe I can kick back with the aliens and have a beer!!!!!LMAO!!!!

    ™░►/\ ( / |) (◄░

  10. I’m a bookie here in Alabama, and I’ll give all of you nutcakes 20 to 1 odds that those who have not been toking will see anything out of the ordinary on the 14th.

    Email your bets-

  11. LMAO……an “ALABAMA BOOKIE” and he is calling someone a nutcake! WOW….I wouldn’t hand you money on 10000000/to 1 because you would run off with my dime. If they do come we will hide you in the back of the truck….lol
    I think it’s going to be very funny if they do show because we got some kind of people here in ALABAMA…..Not that every state don’t because I’ve been all over the USA and found out redneck is not a state it’s a person.
    alabama bookie…..lol…more like booger


  13. Well, it’s now 1:57 am October 14 th 2008 in Alabama and I still don’t see them, but i will be looking all night. I am on the night shift and about to go home. I go to bed at 8:00 am….I bet they will come at 8:10…Oh hell I get up…..lol

  14. Wow people are gullible. Then again one of the most popular religions out there are Mormons and look how popular that religion is. Maybe these aliens will be from Kolob which god once inhabited but was turned into a black hole so they had to leave. Now they will teach the Mormons how it is really done.

  15. K so its almost 11:00 am here in louisiana and the sky is REALLY cloudy. IDk I’m losing my mind, I feel so much energy in the atmosphere and I’m getting so restless – whats going on out there?

  16. Hey, im mormon..and if your gonna start to make fun of a religon…know your information first.

    : D

    but, its the 14th and still no aliens..like i thought..but whatever..its all in good fun.

  17. I got off work last night and the sky had cleared up and we had a very full moon at 2:00 am….I don’t know if it was because I was looking or what, but the moon put off so much light you could see the road without the cars lights on…I was looking so hard and never seen a thing.
    It’s still the 14th and I was thinking that if they do come it will not be when we are all in bed or at work because everyone would go crazy….and we don’t need any more crazy here in ALABAMA….lol
    I do hope that something happens before 12:00 am tonight.
    I also wondered what will happen to that lady if they don’t come or what will she say.
    Did she cry wolf and they didn’t come so that when we are told that they will again we will not ever care? I hope not because I would love for this world to change and I think she is a nice person doing what she thinks is right.

    People write such nasty things about other people in every place I go on the net.
    It’s not just the religious people, but you would think with hell and all they would be the messenger of peace not the dammed to hell. I don’t think it’s the right thing to do for others to judge other people.
    We are all here and have the right to fill and think what we like. We should never force feed anything to others.
    Cake is not good we it’s forced down your throat.
    Let’s all just stop the hate. It’s so easy to just STOP the hate. One little thing would help the word so much we can’t even comprehend its ramifications of a world with no hate. We have always had it. If not the GOD people the people with no god.
    I have what I do and that’s me. My world is big because I don’t close any doors to anyone because of what they clam to be. I don’t judge them or hate them for what they say. We are all ignorant in uncountable ways, but we seem to think we know it all and that’s our greatest ignorance of all.
    I will keep looking up and post anything I see…..I still have hope that they will come.

  18. The psychic predicts that:
    “The event will take place over a 72-hour period starting October 14, 2008”

    October 14th, 2008 at 23:59 PM this charade begins.
    October 17th, 2008 at 23:59 PM this woman will retire a fraud.

  19. Usually when you hear the word “channelling,” it should sound an internal alarm inside you that the source is probably not extraterrestrial, as in alien beings, but terrestrial, as in evil spiritual beings trying to appear as light in order to deceive — “spiritual wickedness in high places.” I believe in extra-terrestrials and that the universe is teeming with more life than we could ever imagine, but we have to be careful of counterfeiters and their purpose for counterfeiting as there is great spiritual warfare going on in the skies above over you and your eternal destiny.

  20. Moose is correct , this event is only there to show you , how people can be decieved by other people with certain mental abilities. The purpose of this event could simply be to attract even more disbelief to the subject and to give power to those that do not have certain experiences in order to convince themselves of such an existence.

  21. Did you know that Blossom Goodchilds blog was closed now to the public?
    I was going to go see what’s up and it has posted that you can’t come in without an invite.

  22. I have been suffering from headaches for two days, having nightmares about this
    wondering what I will do to protect my son? Will my husband fly back from California without slamming into a spaceship? If they get here are they really good
    or evil ? Ashtarok the demon or an angel? Should I buy more soup? Put cash in a
    shoebox? Buy depends? As much as I fear our own government and pray for help
    and enlightenment from gods and his angels this has taken a toll on myself and
    many. If this was a hoax Blossom and Brad will suffer the wrath of bad karma and
    will regret there actions everyday…cash or no cash!!! If Blossom truly recieved these messages? These loving aliens have left her with egg on her face!!!

  23. Well, it’s the 15th of October and still nothing. But she did say it’d be within 72 hours of October the 14th, so maybe tomorrow or the next day…

  24. come on people… lets move on… i wanned it to be true… we all wanted… but we all knew it wasn’t going to happen… it was only our hope. at least not so fast.. not right now… maybe in 30 years… Blossom good have been at least a little bit more evasive about a date you know? becouse it caused expectation among us all… well… lets keep on waiting

  25. When pointing out the mistakes of another, you should really point your finger back at yourself, we have all made mistakes…and we are all learning.

    As for those who choose to judge this woman, you might find it more beneficial to judge yourself.

    We are tested every day according to our beliefs and our convictions,
    I choose my beliefs…and back them up with my words and actions…
    by applying them to myself.

    Everyone who believed her, chose to, and that’s the bottom line.
    The only “wrong” here comes from the individuals who choose not
    to take accoutability for themselves…

    ” If you believe…and there is nothing…then you have lost nothing.
    If you do not believe…and there IS something…then you have lost everything.”

    Everyone should be careful when choosing their beliefs, thoughts, words and actions, for each person is responsible for their self.

    Love, kindness, understanding, forgiveness…peace.

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