10-14-08.blogspot.com and Ashtar of the Galactic Command

The October 14th UFO watch is spreading like wildfire.

10-14-08.blogspot.com has their own twist, with info from Susan Leland who channels Ashtar of the Galactic Command and says “now” a lot.

Here they claim to have a “Major Announcement from Ashtar regarding October 14 sighting”. Their details include a bunch of smaller ships around the large one and some vague info about the event happening ‘anytime now’, whenever that is.

Brad Johnson of 10-14-08.blogspot.com encourages us all carry cameras and be ready for UFOs to appear.

If you would like to hear the recent Ashtar Audio Interview channeled by Susan Leland, Click Here. (NOTE: The audio is quite distorted. Enjoy)

12 Days and counting

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10 thoughts on “10-14-08.blogspot.com and Ashtar of the Galactic Command

  1. I did connect with them via my own ability to channel last night when I was for the first time listening to Blossom Goodchild. I did not know what came over me while I was listening because I began to sob in relief for our people here held by deception. A moment later and was hearing one ask me if I needed to talk. I gratefully asked several questions all of which were answered. Our link lasted about 5 minutes and I let go.

    During this time, a few things resonate with me now.

    1. That they have been watching over us for a very long time. 2. That their light as a loving being is so amazingly vast with higher understanding steeped in the deepest of compassion I have ever engaged. They knew my heart and yet were individuated from my viewpoint of awareness and not inside me. They seemed above us in locality. As my heart opened fully by my own will I realized that this was going to happen in the physical in our near future. My higher self has been preparing some part of me lately that has left me mildly curious yet trusting to move forward regardless of the threatening chaos.

    I made certain to engage the contact with a fully open heart, for I did want to validate this in my own way and opening the heart is how we can test such experiences. In hindsight, we all know the truth that happened.

    peace to planet Earth and all her inhabitants. WE are all ready for higher learning.


  2. Today is October 14th. With no appearance of ships in sight as yet, I ask now the question most of us are wondering in unity: ” Are they coming to appear in our skies?”

    The answer from within comes to me in a form of this: There is yet a decision to be made that regards our entire collective. I hear this: “many need to choose to ask for help.” After reading David Wilcox’ statement written last night about this outcome. http://divinecosmos.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=410&Itemid=70
    I see his point now and realize what is yet needed to traverse our multifaceted delimma.

    He clarifies the reasoning behind his position, stating: “It would be such a tragedy. Such a mass visitation, at this stage in our planetary game, would be an absolute tragedy — an irreversibly vast insult to the free will of the overwhelming majority of people on Earth who would see it as a horrific and terrifying event, based on their Hollywood movie conditioning. It would also be a disaster for the person who brought the prophecy through, on several different levels, with many unintended consequences.”

    I agree that at this point of our unfolding scenarios that are explosively crossed, too many would only be confused rather that elated overall. I do, however, hold feelings of truth that we have more than reached critical mass for such a needed world anomaly yet it could not promise enough acceptance for the purpose that seems intended. We then are called to a better focus for a variety of clear reasons. The various themes of financial collapse and those nefarious sources yet hidden and without exposure is an opportunity for more than simply waiting. Here is why.

    I must continue to encourage each of us to continue our walk toward sovereignty regained by living the resolve and continuing to pay attention in your positive dependable and anger free focus upon the truth that yet leaks out to the order exposing deceit among us. Forgiveness of all is a requirement as we are all of us the creators of such in one way or another. Remember that we are all on record as the body of voters that count at the Causal level for this is our own journey to claim. It is clear we must order up more exposure to support the lifting of the veils that deception yet held over the masses.

    Know that this alone will cause to surface what must and can be as we are all of us going to discover our own suffrage in order to understand the roles we play. Our now global society is virtually on the same bus driving toward the same potential; let us be mindful of this. We must face where we are together at the point of a WAY of peace in order to keep our spirits unified within no matter how this falls down around us to raise new potentials for all of humanity that is both here and incoming

    The final message I felt today was this: “We must realize that several of these scenarios of rise and fall, ebb and flow are an important part of a process which leads to this event happening for all the world to see. Know and eventually comprehend this message in its full capacity for intent.

    It is never easy to ground such particulars as a mass UFO sighting until enough internal choice has maximized its stay and falls then to its event potential. I for one, feel that this opportunity will find us in a state of less challenge to embrace as it were in the full intent from which it was delivered. What is yet to be validated within more and held collectively is if in fact we must meet the requirement for more involvement in thought and deed -carrying love in the wake of opening eyes on every scene that exposes deceit. Peace is key even over love and acceptance as a changer toward evolving with minimal resistance factors that oppose change for the better.

    WE are being supported from within by this presence in this very moment and nothing can counterfeit it with those of us whom are watching on the inner link of heart. Dissolution is the ‘what’ for now – the process of unfettering loose ends exposing the guts of control; ‘How’ is still unfolding. What did not yet happen as of this moment is simple math -the appearance of help coming equals the means to evolve our inner technology for higher focus on matters that produce this result. It begins with each and that means you. Find the entrainment of mental clarity within and all that is without will position its truth tomorrow behind the same.

    WE are dissolving the boundaries that keep us stagnant and it is only a second more away to yet hold the jewel of this experience we all welcome, most of all me. Continuing the efforts that call on us to act responsibly and practically is a key indicator for en mass action against the already falling scenarios on both sides of this coin. We ARE this campaign of rise and fall.

    Let us embrace it as our power of NOW already in motion; the waves for resolve are what is beginning the ‘how we will be reaching back into the epicenter of unified need. Revelation to Revolution is where the masses yet stand. Like looking for a resolve or a promise of the same; many have added explosives to the weapon of facts for personal gain without the care for how its target is reached. Revolution to peaceable means has us accept the risk of seeking inner revelations first that lead to collective solutions that rise with no effort at all.

    This is when a Revolution of the collective Mind will begin and it then that our brothers and sisters of the sky can return by invitation. It is this that would drive evolutionary actions intending to solve uncertainty by way of the truth that would use exposure and dissolution for right means -the intent of our origins would then be felt and known enough to then close the rabbit holes into which we have fallen.

    Blessings to Blossom and to all those in concert of her wondrous transmissions to seed us with hope that is on target for the truth yet unfolding. To me, she is a beacon of light in the face of many options but unique to our Causal to let truth find us. We are at the threshold of an amazing revolutionary step into our Golden Age that we were fully prepared for in the beginning, let us embrace our origins of truth.

    Peace to those with listening ears and those on the way


  3. well , well ,well, first bigfoot, now a no show from the federation of gearboxes, there leader, blossum beanbag, were and when will this madness stop, only thing i know is were trapped here on this rock, and i,m surrounded by idiots. god help me, and hope he helps you , and bloosum , wrap your lips around my ass and take a good hard suck.

  4. Oh I get it now Marigaia,

    We were all meant to chant, and even then for the fear of mass hysteria, at the very pinnacle of the moment, it was decided, we weren’t “ready” enough, Now all it takes is “ears”, so am I to assume a massive sonic boom, is predicted instead, maybe end of 15th (as its predicted these “higher beings” have taken the global timescale into account-wether before or after your “humans are doing it wrong” theory, is debatable)

    Blossom seems to have got the right idea, cancelled her blog spot, privatised her youtube, possibly the mass influx of human interaction with her Unifying as “one” has somehow interfered with her ability to focus, or it could possibly be the egg on her face.

    Maybe Ashtar has punished her for divulging intergalactic mumblings onto an unsuspecting public, raking in a fortune with books, dvds, radio and tv popularity. Which ever its likely to be, its predicted she will either just vanish and call it an abduction, or she will reveal how it was a spiritual visitation, and it takes One with the inner Eye to see the wonders of the federation.

  5. We have to be patient, they will be here, but like it was said, they will come when it is safe for all. I am a believer, I can feel it with my ever bone. We have a very big mess on this planet and it goes much deeper than the average person knows or wants to know, we are in a very scary time, worse than Hitler if it fully cuts loose. This needs to happen and how. The technology that was given to us by them has not been used appropriately, this all should have went for the better of human beings, and i qoute, “BEINGS”. We only know what we have been told by individuals who have been doing nothing but hiding the truth from us for thousands of years. In the mean time they are making and have made slaves out of us for their own pocket books. They laugh at us all the time, Sheep that get pulled by the nose, is what I have read. This no longer makes me mad, I am just wait to see how they feel when they loose it all, and they will. Greed always falls.

  6. Montgomery Alabama here 12:06 am Nothing on the 14 th…………it’s the 15 th now….are they just running late? Would that be wrong? We can ask when they get here.

  7. correction to my last feeling that the acceptance for assistance from the FOL has not reached critical mass as yet. When it does, hopefully we find our communion inside our hearts and not merely the fascination of our minds.

    I remain in high hearted joy

  8. Oh of course!!!!! we have to be pateint and wait, IT WILL HAPPEN!!!! the fact that they SPECIFICALLY named a date for the event, does not mean they are likely to fulfil that date, Prior it was telling us not ready to “NOT PANIC”, when this HUGE MAJOR event is GOING to place on the 14th, err I mean 15th, oh make that 2012.

    Why dont you range it to between the present and 20 thousandf years, theres a possibility that they might come. At least we dont have to go fru this crap of 2000 Miles wide craft, harmony flowing fru our very Souls that WE WILL ALL FEEL.

    Well we have all been patient, theres only so much patience you can offer before you say “This is Bullshit”, Now were being told this cock n bull about “Greed”

  9. I think that this is a test to show who the true believers are. To show who believes even when there is so much doubt. It’s about having faith. Believe in the possibility of anything!

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