WhalesInSpace.com on the October 14th UFO Prediction

For the record, I will not be surprised in anyway if UFOs do not make an appearance over Alabama on October 14th, 2008.

I have heard a lot of prediction, I have witnessed a lot of hype regarding things of this nature and I have never known one as specific as this one to take place.

December 31st 1999 came and went and our world wasn’t torn apart by social upheaval or our computers having to switch the year from 99 to 2000. May 5th 2000 didn’t result in tidal waves and earth quakes brought on a seldom occurring lining up of planets, moons and such. No more serious terrorist attacks happened on US soil in the months after September 11th, poisoning our food supply or detonating dirty nukes in our cities. The list could go on.

And to add to this skeptic nature, we recently had the RickMat – Biscardi Bigfoot Conference, in August of this year. The truth and motives behind what happened with that whole thing may never be known. What is known is that it served to divide the believers from the non-believers even further and even divide rival Bigfoot groups, who it would seem, would have the same goal, some mainstream explanation for what they are so passionate about?

So why believe Blossom Goodchild and the host of other channels, psychics, and assorted weirdoes who have spoken out in support of her prediction? Why do we care? I think the fact that she gave a hard date and location (even if she has backed down from the Alabama part since then) has grabbed the attention and imagination of common folks, religious zealots, UFO believers, paranormal doubters and anyone else. I do find it odd that so many channelers, psychics and extraterrestrial contactees have joined in with Goodchild’s prediction. These folks are usually competed for the same attention and the first to throw each other under the bus when they perceive one to overstep their boundaries and say something overly controversial or give a hard prediction. Regardless of the end result, the October 14th prediction appears to be different in that nature already.

Wide spread UFO sighting have occurred before. In April of 1897, people and newspapers alike reported UFOs in the sky over the West Coast, Midwest, Texas, and South East for weeks.
The Chicago Tribune and Chicago Record ran stories from April 2nd to the 13th, reporting lights, and ‘giant airship, steel body” blinking lights at least 4 years before the Wright Brothers had success with their glider in Kitty Hawk. There was reports of a crash in Aurora, Texas on April 17th.

Could we be looking at something like that again starting October 14th? Over the sky of Alabama no less? Does that validate Goodchild and the like?

I guess we will know better on October 15th. I am looking forward to it.

10 Days and counting

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7 thoughts on “WhalesInSpace.com on the October 14th UFO Prediction

  1. I don’t think such a thing would happen. There’s nobody that can say that aliens are idiots so what alien would sit in the skies over Alabama for three days waiting for military to take a looksee or worse yet take a pot shot at them. lol

    About the only thing this does is make us all look like a bunch of nuts because the media will have a hayday with it when the 14th passes.

    If anything, Blossom has hurt her own people. Psychics and channelers alike will all be looked at differently now.

  2. I for one hope something happens for no other reason than we have had a lot of let down with this type of prediction. It’s time for a change and if that comes from the sky then so be it, but it needs to come from somewhere…..I hope the “federation” doesn’t throw Goodchild under the bus.

  3. I have had aliens in my house. I was down the Regent pub in north west london uk, when suddenly I had a strange feeling I should have a few friends round later for some drinks. So I invited a few ‘locals’ and went home feeling quite refreshed and friendly, Imagine my surprise when one hundred aliens turned up with cans of beer and wine and space dust. I could hardly move. My friend who started the ministry of sound told me the music was too loud. Hey three k is. but at least it was a mix of music, We had house, disco, semidetatched house and latinoacidtrancereggae. Still the aliens left and didn’t take any of my prize vegetables. So hey Alla bamma ? Allahbaanana? Welcome the aliens… With music and home groan hospitality. Regards
    Hu Kirk. Of the Enter Prize

  4. During the 1840’s several end of the world predictions were popular , people were selling their farms , people were standing on their roof tops on the ” last day ” , nothing happened , nothing happens that quick it should be obvious by now . Seveth day adventist , Bahai, Mormon, jehovah witness just afew religions that came about during this period or came to fruition about that time .
    I think predictions are useless , HOPE , optimisim is much more useful , we are the ones creating our future not unseen forces , of course there are naturals laws, cycles, solar cycles, Eons of history . the better we understand ourselves , the better we undr stand the reality around us.

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