Bigfoot Hoax Body for Sale on Ebay

A North Carolina man claims to be selling the original rubber bigfoot costume that was used in August of this year to hoax the world and discredit Bigfoot Hunter Tom Biscardi.

The auction ends October 16th and is currently going for over $85,000.
View the Ebay Auction Here

The winner gets

1. The actual, original “RickMatt” creature in the original freezer, and all requested legal paperwork to prove its authenticity. The creature no longer contains organic parts, but non-organic substitutes.

2. A personal visit from Matt Whitton and Rick Dyer to restore the display to its original condition and speak publicly on the hoax and its aftermath to educate real researchers.

3. Rights to use the body however necessary for promotions and research.

4. Though no one can guarantee what the media coverage will be like, you can rest assured that this story’s track record will grab a whirlwind of attention again, especially as Halloween 2008 approaches. The success of bigfoot imagery in publicity is consistent and proven, as evidenced by commercials for beef jerky, pizza, and more.

Matt Whitton and Rick Dyer (pictured above), the front ment of the original hoax, are known con men and liars. They went thru a lot of trouble to publicly embarass Tom Biscardi in August and I would not put it past them to do something similar again. Bid on this auction with caution.

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