New Gnome Sighting

GnomeIn March of 2008, several youths reported seeing a ‘gnome’ type creature, complete with pointed hat and a weird sideways walk on the streets of General Guemes, in the province of Salta, Argentina.
Video of the encounter was captured on a cell phone video. See the article in The Sun by Virginia Wheeler Published 11 Mar 2008.

March Video Below

The gnome has appeared again, some time last week in the town of Clodomira, province of Santiago del Estero, Argentina and again was captured on cellphone video. Appearance and description are the same. Odd sideways gait is similar.

The March sighting and video was followed by wide spread reports of other sightings and locals saying that the creature may have been seen in the area for as many as the last 20 years.

The two towns are almost 200 miles from each other.

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