Election Day UFO Round Up

We will start with Is Obama an alien abductee?
Mike Bates breaks down Melinda Leslie’s “58 Signs of Alien Abduction” and applies them to Obama.
Question like “Have you had a secret feeling that you are somehow ’special’ or ‘chosen’?” and “Have you had a strong sense of having a mission or an important task to perform, without knowing from where this compulsion comes?”.

Or maybe McCain, Bush are shape-shifting alien by UFO Correspondent, Dick Kennedy.
President and Republican candidate are one and the same – a shape-shifting alien lizard creature, claim Washington insiders.

Kennedy’s insider, named Mr X, claims he could no longer stand the horrific sights of the shapeshifting lizard alien from the Zeta Reticuli star system.

“The first clue that Bush was an alien was his trouble with even simple English phrases,” he said. “According to briefings I’ve received from the CIA and NASA, language is an alien’s weak point. And McCain has similar problems. Sometimes you think he’s just not going to get to the end of the sentence.”

He has a point.


Trig Palin is Alien Spawn states gottlieb.

How else do you explain McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin? He was supposed to be selecting a Presidential replacement in case he croaks in office and instead of finding a replacement he found a Den mother.

How did this happen? Alien mind control. Nothing else can explain it. McCain is not a Manchurian Candidate, but a Draco-Reptilian Candidate. He’s one of them. And they are out to dominate and eat us.

So please, this is nothing personal. I’m sure the Palins without alien implants, mind control and out-of-this-world sexual over-drive are very nice people. A typical American family. No one would ever suspect them of carrying out the alien agenda and that’s just how the aliens want it.

The only way to be sure is to test all the Palin babies for alien DNA.

The future of America is at stake.

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