Corporation X

The connection between UFOs and a government involvement/cover up is a common theme in UFO lore. From Roswell and Area 51 to Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind and ET, we have been told again and again that World Governments either have alien technology or are working with the visitors, sometimes for good and sometimes for more nefarious reasons.

In Ed Komarek’s article titled Targeting UFO/ET Corporation X, he suggests there might be another player involved, a quasi-private global corporation. This Corporation X would be able to work outside the confines of government, manipulating media, governments and their people, using alien technology to make a profit, possibly slowly leaking the technology into the mainstream scientific community.

Does this theory answer questions or create more.

Where is the Corporation headquartered? Who are the shareholders? How many and who is on the board of directors? Who are the Chairman, President, Vice Presidents? How does Corporation X maintain security and plug leaks? How does it employ private contractor mercenary armies to be used as death squads, black bag operators for the intimidation of public, military and private officials that are pro-disclosure? Is their a mechanism for oversight by governments and how effective is his oversight?

Komarek concludes the article by stating that he thinks this Corporation X is out or control and dangerous, a threat to democracy and the environment and needs to be identified. Maybe now that we know what to look for, it will be easier to find.

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