NY-SPI UFO Researchers on Investigation Discovery

Airs Sat. Dec. 13 at 10PM EST

In this special presentation, NY-SPI INVESTIGATES chronicles ufologists using cutting-edge technology to investigate claims of UFO sightings and otherworldly experiences. Co-founders Oliver Kemenczky and Ted Davis of the New York Strange Phenomena Investigators (NY-SPI), along with researcher/investigator Dennis Anderson, pursue, review and reveal their findings throughout this special.

Originally aired as UFO HUNTERS on SciFi Channel, the program has been uniquely modified for Investigation Discovery (ID). This new “director’s cut” version contains never-before-shown scenes so shocking, the other channel was unwilling to broadcast them. Tune in as you see firsthand the passion, dedication and professionalism that drives the NY-SPI team to uncover the truth and to help those affected by the UFO phenomenon.

NY-SPI INVESTIGATES airs on Saturday, December 13 at 10 PM EST on Investigation Discovery (ID), a Discovery network focused on fact-based investigative content about culture, history and the human condition.

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