Australian Mystery Big Cats

An interesting article from Australia’s, Big cat mystery latest in state’s creature sightings details the latest in a series of unexplained Australian cryptozoological creature sightings.

The article lists some previous sightings, the Kilcoy Yowie, Logan Bunyip; the Buderim Beast, and the Gayndah Bear, all unexplained creature sightings (more in the bigfoot category) and adds the Glenwood Panther to the list, after Colin Rossow, 67, was able to make a plaster cast of a foot print he found. After Rossow reported the print, others in Glenwood, north of Gympie, have come forward, with reports of a giant cat, including David Nelmes who has photographs of a panther-sized paw print he found in soft-packed clay around a water tank on his property.

Mystery Big Cats in Australia aren’t anything new. Wayne Welch and big cat expert Mike Williams together with the Centre for Fortean Zoology Australia, have been doing research for a new book, Big Cats in Australia. The Centre for Fortean Zoology Australia has several updates to this story, including that the Russow prints might be a dog and a link to an article from December concerning increased Big Cat sightings outside of Sydney.

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