Dan Aykroyd on Morris County UFOs and vodka

Dan Aykroyd was in Morris Plains promoting his new brand of vodka, Crystal Head on Thursday, April 9th. Morris Plains is home of Chris Russo and Joe Rudy, who in January and early February claim to have released helium balloons with traffic flares tied to them from a field in Hanover Township on five separate occasions in what they called a “social experiment” to debunk the pseudoscience of UFOs.
I say ‘claim’ because the descriptions of the balloons with flares only matched some of the reports from around the area.

Aykroyd, being a bit of a UFO enthusiast answered questions and commented on the Russo/Rudy incident.

Coverage of UFO hoax in Morris County from The Star-Ledger:

April 7: Morris County men sentenced in UFO hoax

April 3: Morris County UFO hoaxers describe stunt, face charges

April 2: Case closed: Those UFOs over Morristown were a hoax

Feb. 19: Morris prosecutor: Mysterious red lights could cause safety hazard

Feb. 18: More red lights are reported in Morris County skies

Dan Aykroyd on NJ UFO hoax

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