Swine Flu and UFOs

In the 1989 classic The Gods Of Eden, author and historian William Bramley tells the history of war, plagues, human conflict and a finds a recurring UFO connection. The thesis put forward by Bramley in The Gods of Eden is that the basic cause of strife in human history is not innate in the human species but rather is caused by extraterrestrials, Bramley’s Custodians.

WHEN I FIRST began researching the origins of human warfare, certainly the furthest thing from my mind were Unidentified Flying Objects, better known as “UFOs” The many flying saucer magazines which once graced the newsstands were, in my opinion, not worthy of serious consideration I also did not feel that the UFO phenomenon was terribly important even if it was evidence of an extraterrestrial race.

In Bramley’s research, he found a great many people throughout Europe and other plague-stricken regions of the world reported that the outbreaks of the Plague were caused by foul-smelling fogs and mists. These appeared after unusually bright lights were reported in the sky.

People were reporting ‘comets.’ But they were clearly not comets from the descriptions. People were reporting bright flying objects and said the aerial objects were spraying gas, which they called ‘mists’ that caused the Black Death.

Could Bramley’s Custodians be behind the soon to be Swine Flu Pandemic?

I can’t find any recent sightings of UFOs or mysterious mists connected to the outbreaks epicenter, Mexico City, they were shaken by an earthquake that was located 130 miles away during the early days of the outbreak. As far as Plauge/earthquake combos, here is a report of one from Indonesia in 2006.

If anyone in an area with reported Swine Flu cases sees anything matching Bramley 13th century sighting, UFOs or mystery mist, please send them in.

And for an added creepy factor, I present to you a drawing of the plauge doctors of the London.

These macarbe masks were used from about the 1600s.

The beak would have been hollow (although some wern’t) and was stuffed, with herbs to help clean the miasma (bad air) which was belived to carry the disease.

A leather coat (or coat treated with oils) and thick gloves were woren, in order to try and protect the doctor.
Preventing the plauge making contact with the skin, from (fleas) while treating people and walking the plauge infested streets.

They also wore belts with all sorts of weird things attached to them, they also belived these charms and trinkets would protect the wearer.

They were thought upon as doctors, but the medicnes available at the time were, usless

Their main role was to confirm people were dead, and to dispose of the body’s.

From London Plague

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