Alien Skull On Mars

Some rocks look like skulls, even on Mars.
Recent NASA photos show a Martian desert with a odd shaped dark rock that stands out from the landscape. Of course, it has to be an alien skull.

Using some kind of math, someone online went as far as to state “The skull is 15 cm with binocular eyes 5 cm apart. The cranial capacity is approximately 1400 cc.”

I think the alien-human hybrid skull from the November 2006 Ancient ‘Astronauts’ from National Geographic’s ‘Is It Real?’ series is a way better mystery.

I guess Lloyd Pye, the skull’s caretaker for the past seven years, met with Robin Crookshank Hilton of National Geographic at a bar, pulling the skull from a bag, wrapped in bubble wrap, and set it down on the table in front of them (full article here).

The skull has been extensively tested and the DNA is been proven to be “more than human”. Pye sees that to mean the skull is a hybrid mix between a human and another being.

And the origin of our mysterious more than human skull?

Allegedly discovered by an American teenager in a Mexican mineshaft while on vacation in the 1930s, the deformed skeleton was said to have been entwined with that of a human female skeleton in a manner evocative of a ritual murder or suicide. The teenager apparently took the skulls of both bodies back home with her as gruesome holiday souvenirs and hid them away for over sixty years. After the death of the erstwhile adventurer, the skulls eventually found their way into Lloyd’s hands as a result of his highly regarded work on the Intervention Theory of human origins, resulting in seven years of intensive investigation.

Better than a rock on Mars.

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One thought on “Alien Skull On Mars

  1. lol, it looks like a rock, but it cant be because it just has to be an alien skull, even though it looks like a rock. Hey I can see hundreds of alien skulls outside my window!

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