UFOs In Kazakhstan Hit The Ground

Less than a week after a story about Kazakhstan building the first ever publicly known extraterrestrial Embassy outside the city of Almaty hit the news, reports are the Kazakhstan Department of Emergency Situations has recovered two 60 centimeters in diameter objects that came crashing to the ground as fireballs outside of Zelenovsk.

On May 14th, two fireballs were seen over the skies of western Kazakhstan. The Department of Emergency Situations was called in and after talking with witness, was able to recover the two objects. The fireballs were described as ‘big and sparkling with yellow, red and green’ making them quite similar to the rash of other fireball sighting since February of this year.

According to the The Department of Emergency Situations, “According to preliminary data, these items can be described as fragments of an aircraft. Specifically what kind of devices [they are] can only be determined after examination.”

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