The Dreamland Festival is Back! June 26-28 in Nashville

Dreamland Festival II
The Dreamland Festival is Back! June 26-28 in Nashville: What We Know and What We SUSPECT.
Whitley Strieber’s ‘Dreamland Team’ will be at Scarrit-Bennett Center giving presentations before a limited group June 26th – 28th. And to quote the description, Jim Marrs on Saturday night is “very definitely ON”.

Passes are $250.00 per person and can be ordered online.

The Dreamland Festival Schedule (Subject to change.)

Friday 7:00PM: Welcome from Whitley Strieber and the whole Dreamland team.
8:00PM: Socialize with us until 10:00 (Officially)

Saturday 9:00AM–10:30AM Linda Howe
10:30AM–12:00PM Anne Strieber
12:00PM–12:30PM Lunch
12:30PM–1:30PM Marla Frees Gallery Reading
1:30PM–3:00PM Jim Marrs
3:00PM–4:30PM William Henry
4:30PM–6:00PM Whitley Strieber
7:00PM-10:00PM Social time.(Marla available for quick readings.)

9:00AM–10:00AM Meditation with Whitley Strieber.
10:00AM–11:00AM Gallery reading with Marla Frees.

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