Alien In Qatar Update

At the end of April, we posted a story of a small weird alien like creature that was spotted and photographed in the parking lot of Qatar’s Doha Corniche. The report was that it was seen by multiple witnesses and the story and photo were published in the Gulf Times.

Many theories tried to explain the sighting and odd photo, including that it was an alien, Djin, some sort of misshaped monkey and many more.

The strange story is currently be explained away as a hoax or prank. The now famous photo of the creature against the rock is said to be only a ‘Stretchy Horror Monster‘ that was digitally modified a touch.

Presuming this is a hoax and that photograph is of a ‘Stretchy Horror Monster’, I still find it odd that this story grabbed everyone’s attention they way it did. Adding into the story that it was seen by multiple witnesses in such a well known populated place seemed to strengthen the story and what ever work went into the photograph was worth the effort in creating the hoax.

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