Recent Rocket UFO Sighting In Texas Has Happened Before

Roger Marsh, writing for, has uncovered two previous sightings of rocket like UFOs in the skies over Texas, matching the recent report from a Continental Express pilot who claims to have seen a rocket pass with in 150 feet of his aircraft while flying between 11,000 and 13,000 feet over Liberty County Texas.

On May 28th, 2008, the Houston Chronicle ran an article reporting a “Continental Airlines pilot reported seeing such an object zoom past his cockpit window”. Flight 1544 was leaving George Bush Intercontinental Airport, bound for Cleveland, Ohio when the object was reported.
I found it odd that the two incidents were almost exactly one year apart, planes leaving the same airport and there was no mention of the 2008 sighting in early reports of the 2009 story.

On November 25th, 2008, “Captain” Jack Harris, host of the Badlands Radio show saw and photographed an unknown object over Lake Brownwood, several hundred miles from the airline sightings. While the object its self was not visible, the unusual chem trail and rocket like behavior are note worthy.

Speculation is that these are ‘model rockets’. Even so, model rockets of this range require special permits and none have been issued for this area in this these periods.

And what of the report of witnesses on the ground who saw the 2009 rocket nearly miss the airplane?

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2 thoughts on “Recent Rocket UFO Sighting In Texas Has Happened Before

  1. The MUFON here in Texas cannot handle multiple sightings from one person. Also, as I think everyone knows, Texas is not the most open minded state there is. They send up F16s after the UFOs, but deny it still. Reporters (like Angela Joiner) get fired for being too interested. I know for a fact many sightings in Texas don’t get reported. If they do they are easily dismissed or given the standard swamp gas, ballon, venus explanation. Texas is a hotspot for UFO activity. But not many here want to believe it.

  2. The skies over our studios (Badlands Radio) where Captain Jack Harris took these pictures, are constantly filled with military traffic.

    We have also recently confirmed its also a test path for companies such as Lockheed Martin.

    Since the images were taken we have gotten night vision capabilities as well as more cameras to watch the skies.

    Thank you for spreading the word on these strange and as of yet, still unrecognized photos. No one seems to know what this is…

    Selene Spencer
    Executive Producer
    Badlands Radio with Captain Jack

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