Mystery Alaska Goo Identified As Algae

Alaskan Blob IDed as Algae
Alaskan Blob IDed as Algae

Results are back from the lab identifying a never before seen massive 15 plus mile glob of goo spotted off the Alaskan Coast as naturally occurring filamentous algae.

Now the question is why unprecedented bloom of algae appeared in the relatively cool waters of the Chukchi Sea and why the odd dark black color instead of the green or reddish that is normally grows in areas that are shallow enough that light can get to the bottom.

Blame global warming if you want, but maybe blobs are tired of being exploited by the ‘media elite’ (blobploitation?).

After the recent North Carolina Sewer Creature Blob and now Alaska’s 15 Mile Blob, maybe we are seeing a blob comeback?

The great 2009 Blob Revival?

I, for one, welcome our new Blob Overlords.

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2 thoughts on “Mystery Alaska Goo Identified As Algae

  1. Your article says at the end “Alaskas 15 Mile Blog”

    That’s a lot of typing to be a 15 mile blog. Unless the font size is something like 5,000,000,000

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