A Galactic Gathering: A Conference on Extraterrestrial Civilizations

A Galactic Gathering: A Conference on Extraterrestrial Civilizations

The Institute for the Study of Galactic Civilizations is sponsoring ‘A Galactic Gathering: A Conference on Extraterrestrial Civilizations’ September 25th – 27th in Denver, Colorado.

Denver has been a center of UFO and paranormal research and studies recently, with Jeff Peckman and Stan Romanek’s alien video and their Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission. The Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission was shelved in January 2009, but Romanek, Peckman, and Alejandro Rojas were all involved in the Colorado UFO Briefing 2009 on May 9th 2009.

We can’t mention with Denver and the paranormal with dropping the names of Bryan & Baxter of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research society. Their skeptical, closed minded and pessimistic approach to the paranormal puts an interesting wrinkle in any story they brush up against.

A Galactic Gathering: A Conference on Extraterrestrial Civilizations will feature eight speakers, including three former college professors, that will present evidence of interaction with six different races of extraterrestrials who have influenced almost every aspect of our life, including science, wars, and our religions. The conference will offer proof about the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and evidence that they have been interacting with humanity for eons.

Speakers include Arthur David Horn, Ph.D., author of Humanity’s Extraterrestrial Origins, Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D., author of Soul Samples, Norma Milanovich, D.Ed., author of We The Arcturians, Wendelle Stevens, author of Message from the Pleiades, Stan Romanek, author of Messages, Sheldon Nidle, co-author of You Are Becoming a Galactic Human, Ron Regehr, a former aerospace engineer, and Associate Director of Research for MUFON, and Rainbow Eagle, revered Wisdom Keeper, Peace Shield Teacher, and author of Native American Spirituality: A Walk in the Woods.

The conference is at the Doubletree Hotel Denver Tech 7801 East Orchard Rd Greenwood Village, Colorado and tickets are available online.
Early Registration (Before July 31st) $125.00
August 1st – September 1st – $150.00
September 2nd – September 24th – $175.00
At the Door – $200.00

The Institute for the Study of Galactic Civilization’s founding president was Maury Albertson, Ph.D., former director of research at Colorado State University and co-founder of the Peace Corps. Maury passed away in January 2009, and the conference is dedicated to his memory

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6 thoughts on “A Galactic Gathering: A Conference on Extraterrestrial Civilizations

  1. Just a quick comment about the early registration for the Galactic Gathering event. The early registration has been extended to August 1st, so if you want to attend this it will save you a few dollars…

    Much love to all….Lisa Romanek

  2. I have actually been a member of Rocky Mountain Paranormal and don’t quite agree with what is being said here. While I have NO love for Bryan and Baxter, I will say that you can’t say “close minded and skeptical” in the same sentence. These are the kinds of stupid mistakes that they will exploit to make you all seem like kooks. Turn this around. Invite them to come speak and then set up a debate with them. Shut them up and put them in their self-righteous place! I believe that too much has been overlooked about them and their paper thin image. I don’t know that they could stand on their own without “help” telling them what to say… Live debate…they can’t do it.

  3. Pessimistic: A tendency to stress the negative or unfavorable or to take the gloomiest possible view
    Closed Minded: having a mind firmly unreceptive to new ideas or arguments
    Skeptical: Having an open mind about a subject until all sides the issue have been thoroughly researched.

    So I guess that means that we are a closed-open minded group with the gloomiest view possible? If you can’t get the definitions proper what makes you think that any other statements in this are accurate?

    Bryan (of Bryan & Baxter)

  4. Also….

    “The Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission was shelved in January 2009”

    That is odd… Considering Jeff is still collecting signatures and did an interview with a local newspaper just a couple of days ago discussing how the signature collecting is progressing. I guess this shows how real research is done?

    Bryan (of Bryan & Baxter)

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