Skyfish Flyings UFO Rods – More Atmospheric Beasts?

The existence of skyfish or flying rods is a controversial topic. I’m not sure why it would get people more fired up than big foot, ghosts, or other UFOs, but a little research on type of UFO reveals some opinionated views.

The concept is that small, extremely fast moving unidentified flying objects are often seen on video and sometimes in still photography. These often resemble ‘rods’ or elongated slightly blurry to very blurry objects, seen in the foreground and background. UFO researcher and filmmaker José Escamilla took this phenomenon and added a whole backstory and explanation. In this article, he answers 20 questions about the rods and pretty much explains his side of the story. He believes that the rods are living creatures, maybe the fast cousins of Atmospheric Beasts and come in a variety of sizes, from the very small to several hundred feet in length.

Now unleash the critics. In ‘The “Rods” Hoax – Coming to a TV Station Near You‘ by Bob DuHamel, DuHamel wastes no time attacking Jose Escamilla’s rod theories. DuHamel believes these objects are just blurred insects and other non-paranormal artifacts such lens flares. Like any good closed minded critic, the examples he uses to discredit Escamilla are hand picked to prove his points and probably insects. He does not address some of the video and photographs that do not fit his explanation.

What are flying rods? Some most certainly are insects or tricks of light on the camera, but just like some reported Orange Ball of Light UFOs (ORBL) have been proven to be most likely Chinese Lanterns, not all can be explained so simply, so let us keep an open mind and acknowledge that we share this world with some pretty weird unexplained things.

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3 thoughts on “Skyfish Flyings UFO Rods – More Atmospheric Beasts?

  1. Hey! That reporter is David Rose. David Rose of Q13 Fox News, Seattle.

    What I find equally chilling than the flying rods, or skyfish, is that David Rose reported on them from … UNIT 13 Fox News!

    Creepy, right!?? I know!

  2. They are spies for the atmospheric beasts! They are coming for us, we must destroy the rods before they map out the entire world for their beast invasion. Huzzah I am Winston, John Winston.

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