Alien Creature Stoned In Panama

What do you do when you are approached by an alien like creature in Cerro Azul, Panama?

Stone it to death.

An article on reports that several young men saw the mysterious creature last weekend in Cerro Azul, east of Panama City. According to their story, they were approached by the creature. They were frightened and proceed to stone the creature, killing it.

There is no mention of any official police report or what has happened to the creature’s body.

The long arms are very interesting and do not match any animal that I could think it would be. The bloated stomach and odd ‘hair’ and debris on the lower part of the creature is also of interest.

The creature does slightly resemble the ‘Quives Man’ captured on video from Santa Rosa de Quives region of the Canta province in February of this year.

UPDATE: Whales In Space commenter Dennis Foley asked “Could it be a Tree Sloth?”… yeah. Sloths are found in Panama, not common, but possible. Loren Colemen of is still keeping an open mind, so we will too.

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23 thoughts on “Alien Creature Stoned In Panama

  1. I was stationed at fort kobbe panama back in 1983 to 1984 and saw a tree sloth in a tree outside our building. so I am sure there are plenty of them in panama.

  2. How come people are so stupid. It is not a sloth. It should have never been killed. I would be findin out about these kids . If any one found something that incredible how could it dissapear. How old are the kids? How long did it take them to show the pictures. The creature found in Mexico was just proven to be nothing of this earth. After all the DNA testing. If this was a real life form It was killed I would seriouse question the kids to find the real story. Hawksblood

  3. Why no pictures of the whole creature? There probably is logical explanation, just hope I hear/see it soon. Killing a living, breathing creature is against the law, maybe there is a different law for unknown creatures. If they ever do land here (ETs), they better be careful.

  4. It’s definitely a sloth. My aunt and uncle have a home in Panama and I see these things fairly often. I wonder what happened to it’s fur, but I guess it could have gotten into some chemicals..and there are lots of places in Panama that could have happened..

  5. hmmm. hard to say i think. could be a sloth. could be a mutant whale haha. what ever it is lets not take are imagination to far. as for the kids CAN YOU BE ANYMORE DUMB? i mean if i saw somthing like that i would be the one to name it if it wasnt from this planet or what ever.
    im hoping they do alot of research and not just leave us in the dark about it. any takers on a bet that its NOT an “alian”??????

  6. Poor thing T-T Stoned to death? Those kids are so cruel.
    It just looks like a poor tree sloth that must have gotten into some chemicals or something. They’re not fast moving. Why’d the kids have to kill it??

  7. it’s fucking obvious, mad fucking scientists, doing genetic experiments on unborn children growing, testing, and murdering them out where no one gives a shit, one escaped and the locals fragged it. long live humanity.

  8. Updates should be made as there have been developements to this story. The “sloth” duck and dodge has been proven to be false, various tests have proven this in spades. The closest to come to the truth has been Bob.

  9. its not a Sloth i would know im a researcher and have you who say its a Sloth ever really seen a Sloth i mean it is strange that there are no pictures of its torso but still could be an alien who knows besides the government right?all i know is i would like to see it in Flesh and Blood.

  10. All of you people saying crap about the kids that killed it: What would you have done if this thing came toward you? I’m sure I would have reacted about the same way as they did. And they didn’t know what it was, obviously. It could have really hurt them.

  11. Damn that’s creepy.
    It looks kinda.. like it could hurt the kids.
    I would deffiantly do the same thing, wait no.
    I would fucking run!

    And If It’s an animal.. that would be weird.
    Some kinda mermaid? Just asking.
    How old where these ‘kids’ anyays?

  12. I don’t think it’s a sloth or none of that i really have no idea what it is. i was looking up turtles without shells. it could be a tortoise without a shell. that has been captive then finally came to be around people. i mean there are plenty of animals that we don’t know about in this world. i mean i’m sure we haven’t been to every position there is on this earth. because there are changes made constantly. and if it’s an alien that shows me that they aren’t as smart as people make them sound. some kids killed it.

  13. okay i have no frigging idea what that thing is! and to you thinking it was cruel of the kids to act in SELF DEFENSE, just look into that things face, at the pale eyes, and imagine it crawling towards you! and even if it is just a sloth with a skin condition and moved slow, it just increases your fear level, its like a frigging zombie! heck just the picture of that thing has me freaked out!

    1. Or it is but a decoy from the grand attack by the atmospheric beasts! We must ignore these decoys, whatever they may be. Look to the sky and wait, and prepare to fight. Huzzah I am Winston, John Winston!

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