Iran Shoots Down UFO

Iran claims to have shot down a UFO

According to, the IRNA ran a story that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard detected three UFOs and has shot down an “unidentified shining objects” over the Gulf Islands of Khark and Khargou. also ran the story, with a quote from Brigadier Ali Razmjou, the top regional commander.

“Glowing objects were sighted over the Persian Gulf. IRGC air defense targeted one of the objects successfully, forcing it to plummet and sink in the seas off Boushehr (Province). The three bright objects were detected by our radars when flying over the Persian Gulf Islands of Khark and Khargou”

No wreckage has been recovered, nor were the specifics to the time and location of the incident.

No follow up or addition information has been release.

This comes at an interesting time, as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad prepares to address the United Nations General Assembly. Israel has called for a boycott of Ahmadinejad speach amid controversy over Iran’s Nuclear Program and Ahmadinejad’s comments concerning the Holocaust.

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