Who Are These Hybrid Children? What Are They Doing?

Stan Romanek at The Galactic Gathering’ Conference
Stan Romanek at The Galactic Gathering’ Conference

If you haven’t taken a look at Stan Romanek’s case, you should.

At the ‘Galactic Gathering’ conference, he covered some of the highlights of his case, presenting video, audio, pictures and complex physics equations. The incredible amount of physical evidence has been rigorously analyzed by video experts, scientists and physicists.

No one has proven that he’s fabricated anything thus far.

One of the newest developments began this past May with a “strange little girl” picking flowers in his backyard. She had beautiful huge, slanted eyes. A couple weeks later, another girl showed up—this time he got a picture. I think everyone in the audience could definitely see that something was very different about her.

A couple of months later, a girl interrupted his phone call with a friend. Luckily, his friend recorded the call, which he played for the audience. “Daddy?” the girl said. And then she told him that she was the oldest of his nine children, and that she wished they could be with him right now, but there was no way for him to protect them. She warned him to be careful.

(Stan has routinely been harassed—monitored, followed, burglarized, beaten up. And he has pictures of all that, too.)

Stan told us that he doesn’t really know who these children are or what they’re doing. He does feel an incredible amount of love for them, however. He also believes his hybrid children, as well as other children, may have something to do with the “shift” that humans and the Earth are making right now. During the conference, other people came forward to tell about their hybrid children.

Unfortunately, Stan has not yet posted the picture of the girl on his site. “I’m still a little freaked out about that,” he said.

His case is an unfolding mystery. Here are some other interesting facts surrounding the hybrid children:

  • When Stan was a young boy, a beautiful woman with big, blue slanted eyes approached him. When she opened her hand, he saw that she had three fingers. She told him when he was older he had some special work to do. He later found out the woman was one of his children.
  • In 2003, he woke up in a one-piece woman’s nightgown. It wasn’t his wife’s. A wet spot found on the shirt proved to be a “weird” protein used for in-vitro fertilization. The nightgown had a red plaid design with a cartoon figure pinned to it. Stan later found out that Betty Hill had a nightgown matching the description of the one he woke up in. Betty Hill rose to fame when she and her husband were abducted by extraterrestrials in the early 1960’s.
  • In 2001, witnesses identified a UFO hovering above Stan’s workplace. The UFO followed him home. Later that night, three “smaller people” knocked on his door. He thought they were wearing masks with big slanted eyes. He felt a light tap on his head, and when he woke up he was somewhere else. The next morning there were fresh wounds on his wrists and back, which healed to scars within 48 hours. This was his first ‘abduction’ experience.

As Stan and other speakers said, maybe we shouldn’t spend so much effort trying to figure out if these children and extraterrestrial beings are real or not.

The better question to ask: what are they doing? What is their purpose?

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7 thoughts on “Who Are These Hybrid Children? What Are They Doing?

  1. You know I want to believe this guy, but wow some of these things seem to far in left field. I want to see some evidence, Something, show me something that I can believe in. We hear all this talk about the pictures that he has but we have only seen a couple of them. If something like this was happening to me I would do everything in my power to prove that it is real. Get the leading experts in the field to go over all the evidence. I am starting to get tired of all this crap. I sorely want to believe, but untill I see some proof. I am sorry its just hear say.

  2. Man! This reads like a freaking episode of FRINGE on Fox Thursdays.!! I like it. It’s so cool. I just wish I could post a picture of those hybrid children on MY website http://www.satanosphere.com … they sound beautiful and maybe a little bit hot? Too bad my website is down right now because someone needs to contact the billing department. Jerks!

  3. Carmen,

    I have not yet had the chance to read Stan’s book, so I cannot in full faith recommend it. I hope to get to it this weekend. But it looks like it goes into the details of his case, although you will not be able to hear the audio and see the videos that go along with his story (for those, try YouTube and his site — although I don’t think he as much posted as he showed at the conference).

    Like I said, he’s had scientists and video experts analyze his case…some of them were skeptics before. When you look more into his case, you find that the hard, physical evidence speaks for itself…and really, it is bizarre, so it’s easy to write him off if you haven’t gone beyond the surface. And, he does have a lot of experts going over all the evidence — still, Stan himself doesn’t know what’s going on, what they’re doing, what they want.

    Stan has told me this: “A lot of stuff that happens to me, I don’t believe. And if I don’t have the physical evidence, I walk away from it.”

    If you ever have the chance to see Stan give a presentation, I recommend doing so. Going into the conference, I didn’t know anything about Stan, and I sort of expected the conference to be a lot of fluff. And then when you’re watching all of his stuff, and looking at the pictures and hearing the audio, you’re like “are you kidding me?”

    And you know he’s not. I mean, this would take an expensive amount of elaboration on his part, and it would mean hiring a whole lot of brilliant people to help him do it, and then it would also mean that he has to beat himself up every once in a while, among many other things. All from a guy who has severe dyslexia and didn’t go beyond a 5th grade reading level!

    Yeah, maybe. But each decides for himself/herself. I’m not writing him off, yet, though. This guy has information that people obviously do not want to get out; that fact alone makes me believe that there may be truth in his story.

  4. Well I watched some video footage of one of his conferences and some of it has the wow factor and some of it doesn’t. I too want to believe this case is the real deal, but I can’t trust even my own judgement because I want to believe.

    In the video, towards the end, he shows an image of the “angelic” hybrid little girl. The blown up section of the photo where you see her face next to the original photo, does look a bit strange, but in a 2 dimensional way, as in, like it could’ve been a photo of a child’s face.

    Her stare is extremely intense and her eyes are very beautiful, but in fairness my little sister has big blue eyes that weren’t that dissimilar when she was a child. It was extremely hard to judge much really.

    I will say though, that if Stan’s story turns out to be a hoax, he’s gone to great lengths with it…. and you have to ask the question, if it is a hoax, was it worth it? How much money has he made from all this?
    The one person who in my view, puts his money where his mouth is, is Bob Lazar. He didn’t bring out any books or films, yes he went on US tv with his story, but that was pretty much it.

    Now he has United Nuclear (which has contracts with the US military) he doesn’t really talk about the groom lake stuff anymore. Hmmmm.

  5. haha =D

    you people… well easy answers:

    who are they?
    beautiful people, put here to remove governments, the monetary system and lead this planet and its inhabitants to a state where it will be able to co-exist in collaboration.

    what are they doing?
    having sex? getting stoned? they live here just like regular humans, apart from their additional “alien” genitalia you couldn’t tell the difference from the way they look, major difference being that they don’t waste their time working to harm, but to free the planet.

    stop worrying and start helping.

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