Fireball Crosses Western US Sky

Seen in Utah, California and Nevada, a massive green fireball crossed the skies of the Western US around 12:05 am on Thursday November 19th, 2009.

NASA Solar System Ambassador Patrick Wiggins claims the fireball was caused by a Bolide meteor.

The fireball was so intense, one witness explained “it was as light as a summer day outside”.

The news story makes this sound like a rare occurrence, yet the Texas fireball from last February 15th and the host of other fireball and meteor sighting this year tell a different story.

Are meteor sighting, especially ones of this size increasing?

You may also remember that in June of this year it came out that the U.S. military was no longer sharing data from their most advanced satellites concerning asteroids and meteoroids coming towards the earth with private sector scientists.

Were they expecting an increase and wished to control the information and how it was released to the public?

Add into that NASA recent PR push to dismiss any concerns about December 2012 and you have a cover up wrapped in a conspiracy.

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