"The Return Of Nibiru Is Eminent When Is The Question"

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The following was left on Mystery Object Flys Through Saturns Rings. The Beginning Of The End?

The return of nibiru is eminent when is the question, People tend to believe in these religous books and such however what they fail to realize is all of the religions all come down to one thing. That is the Enuma Elish, or the Sumerian Story of Creation, Shumer or Sumer as we call it was actually the first Civilization of Man that was given to us by the annunaki before this we existed together with the igigi and the annunaki, Sumer however fell in demise to the war between the gods and the Weapons of terror that were unleashed for nuclear war upon the earth. We were created by Ea or Enki, The brother of Enlil as a tool to harvest gold, they still collect our gold to send home and replenish their atmosphere as everytime nibiru returns their protective shield is ripped away through fierce gravity from the rest of the solar system. (DOES ANYONE NOT THINK IT’S ODD ALL THE WE BY YOUR GOLD COMMERCIALS ON TV OR ADS IN NEWSPAPERS? OR WHAT HAPPENED IN 1929 WITH THE GREAT DEPRESSION WHEN PEOPLE WERE FORCED TO TURN IN THEIR GOLD) NO it is not because that is what we are here for, The aliens consist of the Annunaki from nibiru and the Igigi who were on mars but mars’s atmosphere was ripped away during one of nibiru’s passings The face on mars is the tomb of the annunaki god who was exiled there to die. The Annunaki and Igigi are not here to harm us, I’m sick of people believing that aliens are going to take us over or destroy us, this indeed will not happen as they are the one’s who have created us and have helped us achieve a technologically advanced civilization. How else do you explain us going from eniac a computer the size of city blocks consisting of vacuum tubes to micro-chips in such a short period of time without intervention, hmmm i believe one serious thing happened between the time and that was roswell, this transformation could not have happened without some reverse engineering or an extremely long period of time which there was not. People today still don’t truly know how the pyramids were built or!

the huge megaliths hmmmmmmmmm Let’s see they created them we do not posses this capability, We use 10% of our brains for a reason the gods made us as a slave to attain gold and if you are making a slave you do not want the slave to be as smart as you, you want to be superior. They however use their whole brain which makes them far more advanced. They are here for gold and because of them life has extended into the solar system and been given to us as to survive despite anything which may happen life will continue in one way or another .

If you need a quick refresher, check out The Official Site of Zecharia Sitchin or grab your self a copy of his book The 12th Planet (The Earth Chronicles, Book 1)

Sitchin will be the Guest of Honor at an Award Luncheon chaired by George Noory (host of the Coast-to-Coast AM radio program) at the conscious Life Expo in Los Anglees on Saturday, February 13, 2010.

Sitchin will deliver that same evening a Farewell Address titled: The End of Days: Watching the Ticking Clock

The session will include a Q&A period. For information and reservations go to the Conscious Life Expo website.

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  1. I suppose it would be pointless nitpicking to point out that this commenter has incorrectly used the term “eminent” when what they wanted was the word “immanent”, right?

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