Unstable Micro Singularities Known As Phantom Wormholes

Sent into the Whales In Space contact form, the message referenced the video posted below.

The video description claims these huge spherical UFO’s started appearing around January 18, 2010. critiquekat, who posted the video on Youtube.com, belives that they are huge planet sized spacecraft either observing the sun and throws a little Bible verse in “Luke Chapter 21 vs 5 – And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring” to drive their point home.

Please watch the above link . It is a link on www.coasttocoastam.com under related articles. It shows what the maker of the video post describes as unknown spheres popping up all around the Sun in random sequence. I am in process of sending the maker of this video an explanation of what they really are,he hasn’t figured it out.

They are unstable micro singularities known as phantom wormholes(theoretically speaking). They’re
completely random and unpredictable and often vamp on the single most powerful source of energy in the or any area of space where a rupture in space time has occurred previously(I.E.,meaning a deliberate {stable} caused
wormhole). In essence, these phantom wormholes are the offspring byproduct of there originating counterpart. And these ones can last much longer then 10 minutes,much more frequent,can occur in multiples and can expand to
untold sizes. If you observe in this video clip, they are much larger than the earth. All of this video footage is directly from NASA,and NASA will confirm they recorded it in there observations,they might not confirm they
are unstable micro singularity phantom wormholes, but they should aqueous they appear to be an unknown phenomena which seem shaped as spheres. But I am telling you for sure they are phantom wormholes and they wouldn’t have occurred in the past month if it wasn’t for the C.e.r.n 12/9/09 test hole
event over Norway.

But any which way, please pass this on to Glenn and researchers, and express they need to realize how serious this is. Cause if we have these phantom wormholes occurring now, then everyone needs to know
a.s.a.p.,and this is much more of a deadlier new development then last week if True.

And these can also unpredictably start popping up not just near the Sun, but near the Earth and in many different sizes, including ten times larger then Earth size, or as small as a car. Anywhere near the Earth,above the
earth, in the Earth’s mantle, outer core,inner core,surface,etc.

Just to make it clear, phantom wormholes do not need an ignition source like the one created over Norway by c.e.r.n, c.e.r.n was the ignition source for that one,cause that wormhole was a somewhat stable wormhole,
where as phantom wormholes are not stable. Phantom wormholes are the resulting anonymous byproduct of deliberate ruptures in space time, L.h.c was a deliberate rupture cause in space time.

Dr. Joseph B. Gurman, STEREO Project Scientist, has responded to critiquekat’s questions, stating “What you’re seeing is the difference between “beacon mode” (near realtime, heavily compressed, binned [I believe 512 x 512 or smaller]) images and normal playback telemetry images (2048 x 2048 native mode, less heavily but still lossily compressed).

On January 18, at ~ 21:47 UT, the “central data recorder” at DSN, that stores all the playback data from all the missions DSN supports, failed. A backup CDR took over, but apparently started working on data from January 10, instead of just the four previous hours, as designed. (The last I heard, the DSN engineers don’t understand why, but it certainly sounds like a software issue.) ” which critiquekat thinks is “quite frankly this is the worst response NASA could have”.

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