UFOs Over Newfoundland

I'm No Canadian, But I Don't Think That Is A Model Rocket Or A Jet Trail

Reports of “three huge grey bullets” crossing the sky on Monday, January 25th over Newfoundland have been blamed on toy rockets and jetliner vapour trail.

Defense Minister Peter MacKay commented on the reports of objects at an announcement yesterday in St. John’s.

“We will provide money to build a landing strip for UFOs at Harbour Mille,” MacKay was quoted as saying, “No, I’m only kidding. I’m joking. That’s a joke.”

A UFO researcher, Bjorn Borg, a 63-year-old retired economist not the tennis player, says what people are really seeing is the effect of jetliner vapour trails catching winter sunlight.

Public Safety spokesman Chris McCluskey stated there were no Canadian rockets in the air that would be responsible for the sighting. The Defense Department, had no immediate response.

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