Raj Patel – the Maitreya on The Colbert Report

We had just posted that the folks at Share International have decided that the Decemeber 2009 Spiral UFO over Norway was nothing less than one of four enormous spacecraft placed around the world heralding the imminent appearance of Maitreya, the World Teacher and poof!!!, there he is on the Colbert Report.

Or so lots of people thought, as Raj Patel, a food activist promoting his new book, has been swamped with emails from followers of Benjamin Creme. It seems the 37 year old London born author fits the profile of the coming Maitreya.

Patel says he isn’t the Maitreya, but I guess part of the prophecy is that the Maitreya would deny being the Maitreya. A better question would be ‘would the Maitreya know he was the Maitreya?’

Creme isn’t helping by saying that he doesn’t know if Patel is the Maitreya or not.

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5 thoughts on “Raj Patel – the Maitreya on The Colbert Report

  1. Just to clear some things up – Share International has never indicated that Raj Patel is Maitreya. I follow the story of the emergence put forth by Share International and knwo many others who do also and not once of us think Raj Patel is Maitreya. It is also incorrect to say that Maitreya will deny being Maitreya. It is very clearly stated that Maitreya will neither confirm nor deny his status as World Teacher in the current series of television interviews. I respect the ideas put forth by Raj Patel and I’m glad they are getting a wider audience but the plain fact is he is not thought of as Maitreya by Share International or its followers.

  2. Hallo, everybody, it´s not important who Raj is, if he is Maitreya or not.

    It is us who need to take responsibility for our planet into our own hands.
    We have to learn that we need to save ourselves and our planet.
    Raj Patel shows us the way to get the right direction and, in the first place, not to wait for outside standing beings. (They´ll come anyhow.)
    His ideas come from following his inner feelings and experience by concentrating on the essentials of a worthy life for all, on the essentials of body, mind and soul.

    Now it´s up to us.
    Let´s act and do the same. Let´s concentrate on all essentials we need.
    Essentials, not extravagance.
    Let´s change our life. Each of us is able to do so.
    I asure you that then we´ll all feel utter substantial happiness.
    We´ll finally feel that we already get all love of the universe.
    Then we ´ll feel inner satisfaction.

    So many people still seek satisfaction out of themselves by looking towards and buying lots of unnecessary material goods destroying our Earth and their inner world.
    Harmony and balance of all beings and Earth (in all fields) is based on their inner happiness.

    Every concentration on our inner life gives us health and inner satisfaction.
    Therefore let´s practise Raj´s meditation and that of lots of people all over the world.
    It ´s the Transmission Meditation (TM) for this century that helps to save humanity, our planet and create a real happy life for all beeings on this planet.

    If all people aware of these principles practise a dignified living and optionally TM (and that every day after going to bed), then in a couple of month there will grow the number of thousands and millions and billions of healthy, satisfied and happy men and women all around us.
    And that will be our period because we´ll already have managed it. Then we and our habitat will have been saved, saved by ourselves. And then we will be able to go on with any further generation in happiness and harmony with all beings.

    That´s the sense of life. – Therefore we live. – Let´s do it all together and begin just now.

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