Two Triangle UFOs Over South Seattle

A Whales In Space tipster left a text message at 4:20 am on April 11th, reporting high level of taxi/CB radio chatter concerning two large triangle UFOs that were sighted south of Seattle Washington.

No other details.

No other reports from in that area.

A report from December 9th, 2009 also claims to have seen a triangle object with 4 lights hovering over the Northern Part of Seattle.

Event ID 20935

my friend and I were driving North 15th ave nw and saw a traangle shape object with 4 lights hovering over the road.It was in a shape of a triangle with a light on each point and a light in the middle. The triangle edges were rounded, not a sharp point. the lights in each corner were off whit and circular in shape. The circular light in the center seemed brighter. It hovered over the road for over a minute. We pulled over and turned around to watch it stop hovering and travel SW towards West seattle. At first we thought it might be an airplane but ruled that out bc there were no flashing lights on it and it seemed way to low and far from the airport. then we thougt it might be a helicopter but as we got closer and then directly under it and realized that it wasn’t a helicopter. I felt scared bc I couldn’t find an explanation for what it could be. My friend was in aww and couldn’t believe what we were seeing… we wanted to see more….but it began to move SW.

Any one with more details, please contact us at (571) 24WEIRD or the Whales In Space Contact Form

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One thought on “Two Triangle UFOs Over South Seattle

  1. i read your post and i saw a ufo really close to where you were in november of 2008, when was your encounter

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