Weird Smoke Snake UFO Over Mexico Caught On Video

A video of a weird smoke snake UFO was caught on video over Mexico on May 30th 2010 around 8:15 am.

Below is the video, as posted on Daniel Sanchez’s YouTube Channel (danysar71) and a rough translation (using of the description of the video.

Sunday May 30, and unable to go wing who very kindly invited me ismael lopez morning, as we saw that day was very favorable, although still the major consequences of pollution in Mexico city, to climb around 8:15 a.m. in the center area I saw this big white object and that the moment I made the report to ismael, so start recording with my sony handycam, this object had of course to the volcanoes and had referred to another route, also I noticed that rested on a section of the air corridor for a few minutes and local traffic was interrupted, then continued normal operations, and while this object was moving soon be seen in the video and realized I did not loose inside an object that follows, he soon appeared an object straight red but very large and displacement to the volcanic area, only this time I finished the battery and memory stick, I ami dedidico mother was always a light on my path of darkness, elizabeth b, rosi &jovo;, ismael, vianney, deyi, octavio, and all my family and friends.

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2 thoughts on “Weird Smoke Snake UFO Over Mexico Caught On Video

  1. That is none other than the greatness that is an atmospheric beast! It is floating, hiding amongst the clouds waiting to feast on us. Then the earth will be no more. The Mexicans must prepare to fight these beasts. They shall train in the desert. Huzzah I am Winston, John Winston.

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