Is The UVB-76 Buzzer Still On?

Outside Povarovo, Russia, which is about 25 miles northwest of Moscow, near the village of Lozhki is a 10 kW short wave radio transmitter that has been transmitting a buzzing sound at 4625 kHz that lasts 0.8 seconds, pausing for 1–1.3 seconds, and repeating 21–34 times per minute continuous since 1982 with very few interruptions. The reason for the transmission is unknown, but has been speculated to be either some sort of military signal or possibly a High-frequency Doppler method for ionosphere research that would be looking for changes of an ionosphere state can be caused by solar geophysical or seismic events.

Since 1982, the signal has been interrupted only several times, sometimes changing tone for a short amount of time and at least three times, voices have been heard at that frequency. Once a Russian voice saying “Я — 143. Не получаю генератор.” “Идёт такая работа от аппаратной.” (“[This is] 143. Not receiving the generator (oscillator).” “There’s some work on the hardware.”)

Interestingly, the location on google maps is partially blocked out by a ‘cloud’. Part of one of the buildings can be seen but with no real detail.

At some point in the last several days (around June 5th), it started to pop up on message boards that the signal had stopped, after almost 28 years, the end of the Cold War, and the break up of the Soviet Empire.

After all these year what would cause the still unexplained transmission to stop?

Or did it stop?

Posts on claim the transmission is still going. Another claiming Morse code and voices could be heard on that frenquency.

From that same message board, direction on how to listen to the UVB-76 Buzzer

1. go to The Listening Post – Receiver Controls

[link to]

2. type ‘4625’ into the frequency field

3. click enter link

4. click ‘to shortwave radio’ link

5. click on ‘live audio (10 secs) link.

I tried… and all I heard was a buzz. Not sure if that is it or not or even to trust that link and set of directions.
Does anyone have a shortwave radio on hand? Could you check 4625 kHz?

And if it is off, what does that mean?

If it is a signal related to studying the ionosphere for solar geophysical or seismic events, could the fact it is off or was turned off be a sign of something to come?

More on the UVB-76 on wikipedia

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