More Orange Ball Of Light UFOs – Ontario Canada

Since July 3rd, we have been getting reports of these mysterious Orange Ball Of Light (ORBL) UFOs have been pouring in from all across the United States.

While some sightings may be explained by Chinese Lanterns, many reports do not fit the description and behavior of Chinese Lanterns.

A new sighting from Wasaga Beach area of Ontario, an hour and a half north of Toronto on July 12th, 2010.


On Monday, July 12th, around 10 pm, four of us witnessed something strange
in the Wasaga Beach area of Ontario, an hour and a half north of Toronto.
It started off as a large orange fireball, about the size of the sun,
coming up from the horizon and began rising into the night sky,
travellling a great distance very quickly…

Within three minutes, it rose up so high to the point where it eventually

This, of course, is when I went to retrieve my camera.

Anybody able to shed some light on what it may have been?
There are no fireworks or chinese lanterns and it started off so large and
then just shrunk up so small and disappeared, that we’re puzzled.

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31 thoughts on “More Orange Ball Of Light UFOs – Ontario Canada

  1. Ok, I seen a orange/red light at 10:30 p.m. 7/14/10. I’m in central Ohio. The orb or whatever you want to call it was in the western sky just above the tree line. It seemed to streak upwards and shrink several times. We watched it for about a minute before it just disappeared. What is going on?

    1. Kent, Ohio
      Orange flame-like object seen over Kent Ohio on August 17th around 10:00pm travelling NE to SW. Stopped the car, got out, and the light turned off for about 20 seconds. The object passed over our vehicle and lit up again after it was a short distance past us. No sound was heard as it passed over. It retreated to the SW at a fast pace and went out of site. I have seen this object on two other occasions, but not as close as this time. I’ve been hearing that others in our area have seen the object also.

  2. July 14 Long Point Ontario. Out for a walk around 11-1130pm I see what looks like an orangish street light among the trees in the campgrounds. As I circles the clump of trees I see a large orange ball straight up in the sky. WAY too big to be a planet a star or a shooting star. It moved easterly got smaller and disapeared about 30 second later, I thought it might be something burning up comming into the atmosphrere. I like to watch the night sky a lot and I’ve never seen anything like that before.

  3. That’s really strange. During the summer of 2009 my girlfriend and I had stopped at a beach in craigleith to gaze at the stars and we had noticed that exact same thing happening across the water towards wasaga beach.

  4. That’s really strange. During the summer of 2009 my girlfriend and i had stopped at one of the beaches in Craigleith, ON at about 3 in the morning after work and we had witnessed the exact same thing across the lake towards Wasaga Beach. The only difference was that there were approximately 4 or 5 of them shooting into the sky.

  5. Just saw the exact same thing about an hour ago here in Sioux Falls, SD. Witnessed about 12 light, no more than 3 at a time. They rose brightly from my E-NE, moved in a westerly direction and then diminished as if they were moving away from me towards the north. This went on for 20 minutes after i first noticed them.

  6. Same thing over Barrie Ont. An orb about 3 times the size of Venus [yellow/orange surrounded by a glow] appeared in the north west and zoomed 60 degrees to the West, made a U turn and came back to 40 degrees past my centre to the east and then made another U turn and went back to about 40 degrees past my centre to the west again. Then is shot straight out and I can only assume, when it reached the interface between the atmosphere and space, flashed like the Enterprise does going into warp speed and disappeared. There was no debris trail like a shooting star, no noise and it was at least 6 miles up because it appeared [to me] from a behind a com trail at about 35000 feet. It could have been over Orillia or Sudbury, who knows ? It was however certainly no aircraft of human origin that the population has been told about. It covered several 10’s of miles in a little more than a second. It is said that one can’t get a reading from the bottom of lake Wanapetai north of Capreol due to some magnetic anomaly — bet they are coming out of it ?

  7. We saw an orange orb on May 25th this year.

    Report: Glowing Orange Orb Toronto, Ontario –

    Last night my daughter frantically called me to the back deck. There was a large bright, glowing orange orb was floating in the sky in the yard next door, just barely above our tree line (40 feet). It was about 3.5 feet in diameter – the size of a small TV satellite disk. It appeared to be on fire with small, reddish orange low level flames flickering around the exterior.

    At first I thought it was fireworks debris and I was afraid that it was going to crash into a house or garage and start a fire, but there were no ashes trailing from it. And it didn’t move the way you would expect burning debris to move. Then I thought it was a Chinese lantern but this was close – approx. 50 feet away and was no lantern. It was not perfectly round, it was like a ball of orange gas with an irregular surface. It was closed at the bottom and not open like a Chinese lantern. I couldn’t see the top of it to see if there were any openings at the top.

    It was silent. It was definitely burning but what gas burns this tangerine orange colour? We didn’t get a photo even though the cell phone was right on the table.

    I was less than 50 feet away from the object. It was not high in the sky.

    No meteor moves that slow and no meteors were in the area that night.

    It traveled 40 feet in about 6 seconds – it was kind of floating, not falling. Then it turned, as to avoid the trees, turned again to get to a clearing in between the houses, then it stopped in between the houses, then picked up speed and went in a straight line. When it went in the straight line there was no wind at the time. This was when we realized it was moving on its own propulsion.

    I observed it for almost a minute. My daughter & her friend a little longer. My husband saw it and ran upstairs to see if he could get a better look out the back bedroom window.

    A meteor that large and that close to the ground would have landed. It was over 3 feet in diameter. It was still daylight when we saw it.

    It was man made for sure, some kind of experiment maybe on alternative fuels??

    The G20 summit was to take place a few weeks later. I have read about plasma balls used as weapons/surveillance and that is what I think this was

    > Date of Sighting – Month, Day, Year (Required Field):: May 25, 2010
    > Time of Sighting – Local Time (Be Sure to Indicate AM or PM) (Required Field):: 8:45 pm eastern
    > City, State, and Address Where Sighting Occurred (Required Field):: Toronto, Ontario

  8. hello,,, well aprox 2 weeks before the g-8 summit,,,my girlfreinds sister was out in the living room watching t.v. and about 1 foot to the right is a window looking ouside of course. well, she noticed an orange glowing ball/sphere from quite a distance, she got off the couch to get a better look,,,and frantically ran to our room, where me and my girlfreind were watching t.v. also,,,and told us to get out here quick. when we did,,,,i did not see anything at first,, then she pointed to the sky,, and i still did not see anything,,, not granted i was still inside the house at this time looking out the huge picture window…. so i ran outside as we all did,,, and she pointed to the sky…………..well,,,i nearly shit my pants.. this thing did not make any noise.. and it was maybee 800 feet in the air,,,,but it looked orange/redish,,,,,and it looked like a little sun the way it glowed…it was about 10 p.m. at night. so it was dusk,,,,,just about dark…we all can say for sure that it was not a weather balloon,,,,it was most certainly not a plane. it was not a glidder as we have none around here. it ws nothing like i had ever seen in my life….i would just like to say this,,,and i mean this with all of my being,,,,that before this,,,,i did not believe in UFO’s,,,i don’t know what the hell it was,,,as do none of the 3 of us do….but i did call the airport,,,and they put me throught the radar station,,,,and they had no repoert of anything flying at that time at alll….i even called to radio station…they prob thought i was nuts,,, but i waas just enquiring if anyone had reported what we had seen….i find it hard to believe that we were the only 3 people to see this thing,,,,,,seeing on how it flew over the lake for aprox. 2 mins till it went out of sight,,,,the lake in question was lake nobonsing in bonfield ontario…if anyone can help me as to what they think it was,,,,have any answers at all,,,,that would be awesome……it was a couple weeks bfore the G-8 summit in toronto,,,,so i thought maybee that had something to do with it…hmmm…..anyhow….a couple weeks ago,,,,,my girlfreinds sister,(i wont ay who she works for) got a call about 2 seperate people in the manitoulin island area seeing the exact same thing….freaked right out of course….anyhow,,,,this is my story… and it is all true,,,i swear it…

  9. I saw something on August 28th in London On

    The object was very bright and was more oval than round. It looked like it was on fire. It traveled across the sky at a constant speed, from west to east. There was no other objects with it, no other lights, it didn’t blink and there was no trail (like smoke from a plane).

    I would say it took about 10 minutes for it to across the sky. I lost sight of it when it traveled out of my vision. I knocked on my neighbours door and four other people came out to witness it. One lady said it must be a satellite however this was spotted at approximately 8:45 PM and the ISS is suppose to be visible at 9:19 PM.

    5 people witnessed it it.

  10. I am in Kent, Ohio. On September 14th I went to look out my dorm room window and was looking at the north star and suddenly saw a orange- red object in the sky, it almost looked like a ball of fire. I thought it could possibly be a shooting star but this was about the size of a thumbtack. I have never witnessed this before and was wondering if it could have been a meteor or anything explainable. My roommate and I looked out for a while to see if it would happen again but never saw a thing.

  11. well i have done my research on plasma,,and military drones etc. and this thing we all seen was not any of these.. 3 people from my place of work seen the same orange/redish ball in early september.. and they say that this was not a weather baloon, plasma, drones or anything like that. this is not like anything they have seen before either.

  12. I’ve seen this too. Just a couple weeks ago (around December 27th, 2010) I was walking around my neighborhood with some friends and saw this orange glowing ball/sphere. It made no noises and we were for sure it wasn’t a plane or any other type of human flying device. Some of our neighbors said it was either a shuttle or a satillte but later that night we looked online and there was no report on any satilltes that were supposed to be seen or any reports on a shuttle launch. We didn’t just see one there were 4 after the first one moving from east to west. I live in Boynton Beach Florida. It was very bizzare and I would like to know what the hell is this. I totally believe in UFO’s and I think this was just anothering siteing of the other life that is out there looking for other creatures like them. Meaning other life forms that we look for are looking for us, just like we are looking for them. Go figure….

  13. About 12 years ago a friend and I both saw a bright orange orb overhead in Muskoka at dusk moving downward / away from us (not very fast I dont think). We were in a boat and I could not tell how close / far away it was until it went behind the tree line and disappeared. I didn’t relize how big it was until it went behind the tree line. Very strange… I am glad someone was with me to share the experience!

  14. Strange….Ive seen the same thing. It was new years eve and i was at my brothers who lives in the hills overlooking the city in the North Island of New Zealand. Me and some people were sitting on the deck and i looked up and saw a big orange circle in the night sky. i didn’t know if it was close or far away but it was definitly not a plane, planet, firework, or city lights. i went inside to get my brother but it was gone before i got back outside. Maybe it is another life and they could be living amoung us without us even knowing and some of us get the chance to see them.

  15. Hi

    about one or two years back me and my friend were walking his dog and we saw 3 glowing orbs. At first we assumed that they were street lights but they started to become brighter and the were flying in a V shape and while we were watching it it styed above us for about 30 seconds then one just disapired and the other 2 about maby a couple seconds flew back and then made a bright light and they were gone it was so wired

  16. Well, this is in the past, but may as well add to the weirdness…
    My grandfather, a philosopher who did not believe in this sort of stuff, and obviously a believable witness, was with my grandmother and 2 friends, sitting in their sun room in a cottage in the lake off of Port Loring Ontario, sitting up late (past midnight), when a glowing orange ball descended on the lake in front of the dock, it lit the area up with a red light, stood hovering for a while and that’s all i know about the story. But it’s really neat to hear other people have seen the same thing. Must have been so intense to witness, i must say. would be cool to see one of these!

  17. On July 17th at about 9:40 pm my husband and I were leaving my parents home in Kitchener when all 4 of us watched a very large orange\yellow ball move from one side of the sky completly across at the same speed and hight untill it was out of our sight. There was no noise or flashing lights. All 4 of us could not believe what we had seen, Next day I called the airport and news station and no one new anything about this object in the sky.

  18. i was camping in creiglith provinciaql park by the water and to my left i saw a bright orange sun like ball just at sunset at first i thought it was the sunset you know behind the mountains but 20 mins latter it apears again same place and brighter and now its a full circle or ball of fire in the sky we were 5 to have seen this and it was to high to be a light hous or tower light and way to bright it would light up then go out it did this about 5 times and then at a difrent place more to the left same thing, when this thing would light we could see all the clowds and all but it didnt move stayd at that one spot and then something would be going around it like a plane or something whatever was going around it when the fireball was out the plan or i dont know what it was would go from left to right and it was funny caus no plane was able to turn that quik without us seeing any light you know ???
    any ways i just wanted to know what it could be and we were all a little freaked out about this it wasent any plane or light that ive ever seen it was way to bright.

  19. this was all on july 27 2011 so anyone in wasaga beach, collingwood or sorounding area would have seen this… beetween 8:45pm and 12am

  20. About 10 minutes ago, pulled over at the police station in Sauble beach Ontario, witnessed 2 orange lights heading east, away from the water. I watched them for about a minute when one them shrunk as if heading away from me before suddenly disappearing. The second did the same a few seconds later. Not sure what I saw.

  21. JA , I was in Sauble Aug 27 and more or less observed the same thing ….. here is my report!

    I was at Sauble Beach on Saturday August 27, 2011. About 15 Minutes after Sun Set I was driving off the beach when I spotted a bright red light low in the sky south of Sauble Beach. At first I thought it was someone plying a joke, launching a Balloon with a flare under it. I could only see a bright red what looked like flame but no object. We watched it for about 5 minutes , it seemed to be moving with the wind and had some sporadic side to side motion like it was being battered by high winds. The light was moving in the S SE direction then it went out. What I saw was a dark square , it wasn’t emitting light but appeared to be absorbing it …. very bizarre. Being that the Sun had just went down and it was more or less travelling with the wind and going up I suspect that it must have been a balloon but I was suspicious. We drove less than a K Directly East of the Beach and parked between the Mini Putt and the Dairy Queen. We played mini put until around 9:30 and then I sat on a bench facing South waiting for my son and his girlfriend to shop. Far off in the Sothern Sky I saw the same red light again , it seemed to move North then South then after a few minutes it went out. It wasn’t 5miuntes later around 09:40 or so I spotted the same red light allot close in the NE sky, much lower , closer heading in a SW direction. It was very bright and I followed it for a minute then it went out. Another 5 minutes passed and another red light appeared in about the same position as the original one an hour earlier. It too was bright and heading in a S SE direction and was bright for a minute or so. It was now close to 10pm and as I was standing outside a DQ a commercial aircraft went by and I pointed out o my son that that was not anything like the red lights we had been observing. I know it wasn’t a Balloon or an Ultra light or a Winged Aircraft or a Helicopter or a Satellite. I an avid sky watcher who lives in a dark rural area. I look at the night sky an average of an hour a day and I know what I am looking at and it’s been years that I haven’t been able to explain something that I have observed. The Sauble area is a popular destination and I am sure I wasn’t the only person to observe the “Red Lights”.

    There was a guy in Windsor seeing the same thing…

  22. From Wasaga Beach, Ontario. First sighting on the 31 July, 2012 at 10:35 p.m. Two very large bright orange amber lights in the sky over the tree line at the Nottawasaga River. Coming from Georgian Bay It was a dark night and very silent. These lights made no noise and were travelling at a very high speed. They were the same distant apart all the time we watched them. They travelled South West and finally disappeared to the South of us. Second sighting on Aug. 23rd 2011 at 9:20 p.m. Four lights appeared approximately in the same area. This time they were one above each other and they travelled directly upward until they disappeared out of sight. They also were orange and were appearing and disappearing until a small dot and then they were gone. We have never seen anything like this before. Plus to see this happen twice is very unusual.

  23. In the spring of 2012 me and my boyfriend were driving down a lifeless road, It was around 3 or 4 in the morning. We were coming up to a small strip of antique shop and gas stations along side of the road. Well I glanced forward and turned away, when I quickly relized what I had just seen and looked back it was gone, the same thing with my boyfriend. It was HUGE and it wasn’t like a light it was like a glow and it was orange. And it was just hovering right above all the little shop.

  24. I live in toronto last night january 1 2013 about 1 am in the morning i was getting some air on the balcony when at first i saw a red light coming from the downtown area of toronto at first i thought it was a plane then the light turned left and headed my way east
    Im on the seventh floor as it passed a straight line in front of me i got a real good look at it
    it was white in the center as the light moved outward it gradually changed to orange and orange to a red glow there was also a pattern within the light it also had the most awesome glow to it unlike any other light i have ever seen before wow!!!!!!!!!!! i just stopped my jaw droped and i was in awe like i have never been before
    The light seemed to move slow and effortlessly and without a sound totally silent but some how the light was covering lots of ground and moving away quickly that part i really dont get how something can appear to be moving slowly but still moving out of your vision quickly
    As the light passed in front of me and away turning right now heading over lake ontario on a south east heading towards the united states it still seemed to be going slow but it began a steady climb upward maybe a 45 degree angle upward it begain to dim out on me untill it was just a little twinkle in the sky like a star and then nothing gone from my vision
    The whole sighting was about a minute and a half from start to finish
    All i can say is that i have always been a believer but im also a skeptic because im a need definitive proof kind of person and as far as im concerned now i have it thanks for listening
    PS if you get any other kind of news on the sighting i described from last night could you maybe tell me i have been looking around the internet tv news to see if anyone else saw it last night it would really help me a lot to know im not the only one who saw that last night thanks

  25. January 7th 3:33/34 a.m. was on the balcony, North Bay Ontario, at the before-mentioned time. Saw this glowing, extremely bright, sort of neon-ish green light moving fairly low across the sky. Seemed to be surrounded by or enveloped in a glowing pale yellowish to white light. It was moving quite rapidly towards the left which I think is west. Lasted about 10 seconds then was gone from sight. Was definitely not a star or an airplane. No idea what it was but certainly was different. Was wondering if anyone else saw this. Am not a believer in UFO’s but this made me stop and gape in astonishment. Never saw anything like it before.

  26. well I posted last year. I have seen these orbs 3 times in the last 2 months. I also spoke with 2 other people who have seen them this year. what is going on?

    1. The unknown are preparing to strike! We must prepare a resistance stationed in a location the unknown would never look. It looks like it is time to prepare. Huzzah I am Winston, John Winston!

  27. Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. August 4 in the late evening, between 10PM and Midnight, myself and two others witnessed an orange orb of light, perhaps as much as a quarter the size of a full moon, silently and steadily flying southbound. The orange light was very similar in intensity as what you may see in a bond fire. Certainly it was not a plane as there were absolutely no flashing red/green lights nor was there any strobe lights. This was neither a meteor for there was no disintegration or debris, furthermore it’s speed was for too slow for it to be any sort of object entering Earth’s atmosphere. The sighting lasted not even ten seconds before it disappeared out of our line of sight. So that was NO plane and NO space object entering the atmosphere. Realistically it could have been a chinese lantern as it was roughly traveling in the direction of the wind however it was too steady for is supposed to be a paper bag and candle floating in the wind. It is even less likely that it was swamp gas or a weather balloon.

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