Report Of A UFO At Ozzfest 2010

Reports of “a triangle UFO flying higher than any conventional aircraft” that was seen during Ozzy Osbourne’s performance at the Ozzfest 2010 on August 14th, 2010 in Devore, California.

Ozzfest is music festival tour featuring performances by many heavy metal and hard rock musical groups. It was founded by Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon Osbourne. The Ozzfest tour has featured bands of a variety of genres within heavy metal and hard rock, including alternative metal, thrash metal, industrial metal, metalcore, hardcore punk, nu metal, death metal, gothic metal and black metal. Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath have played the tour several times over the years.

The UFO was described as:
“… a pale gray. The middle looking on edgewise was slightly rounded and thicker in the middle, which held three round lights in a line strobe-like. Colors were green, yellow and pinkish purple. The lights were like a strobe that blinked and flashed 3-5 times before it disappeared behind a tree that it fit behind.”

Its not the first time UFOs and Ozzfest have met up. The Tinley Park UFO Night of OzzFest Concert – 2004 was widely reported and has been featured on The History Channel’s UFO Hunters.

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