Massive Bird and Fish Deaths In Arkansas

Over 1000 dead birds fell from the sky on New Years Eve in Beebe Arkansas. Reports started at about 11:30pm on December 31st, 2010. The birds fell over a 1-mile area and investigations indicated that no other dead birds were found outside of that area. Witnesses reported that the birds showed physical trauma, and it is speculated that “the flock could have been hit by lightning or high-altitude hail.” by Commission ornithologist Karen Rowe.

The next day CNN reports that over 10,000 dead fish have washed up on the banks of the Arkansas river in the northwest part of the state about 100 miles northwest of where the dead birds were found the previous day.

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has collected some of the dead fish to conduct tests.

So what would cause two massive wildlife kill offs, one in the water, one in the air, over 100 miles apart in just over 24 hours?

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9 thoughts on “Massive Bird and Fish Deaths In Arkansas

  1. I live in Fort Smith, AR, we are not very far from Beebe, we have been there often and that place is SMALL. It did not storm in Beebe the night of New Years Eve as both my mother and my step father were visiting family in Beebe. So Lightening and hail can absolutely be ruled out. That doesnt make any sense anyway. We are talking about over 5000 birds and not to mention over 100 thousand fish!!! Sounds like a nice little cover up to me…..

  2. Arkansas is only one place with dropping birds, Austrailia, Texus, South America, Russia, South Africia, and on and on, birds are falling like leaves in places around the globe. I have only read about the fish dying in Arkansas, though.
    However, world wide, what does this mean? My concern is that all the instances of birds dropping from the sky – (clearly many were in flight when this something occured) may well be connected, yet are being individually explained by experts and non-experts. Speculation on causes includes; storms, down drafts, pre volcanic activity, feed, virus, disease, toxic emmissions, government testing, etc.
    What if there are local explinations, but also another connection and we miss the big picture?

  3. LOL..fireworx, lightning, trauma… how about chemical dispersal..i bet there are chemical plants up wind. the public should use their plastic wrap and duct tape now !

  4. I live in Conway, AR, about 45 miles outside of Beebe. The second I heard about the mysterious black bird deaths I made a comment to my mom, sister, and fiance about the birds hitting a “ufo force field or something”, which I was only half serious about. But when the news reported the birds’ death by “blunt force trauma”, I had no doubt that there is something going on in our sky- a little too close for comfort, literally. I believe in UFOs and believe the government has always covered their existence up. The same way they are trying to cover up the incident with stories such as hailstorms, lightning, or fireworks… yeah right.

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