Weird Greenish Yellow Goo Falls From New York Sky

Now That Is Seagull Poop

A weird and mysterious greenish-yellow goo fell from sky over Snyder New York bewteen 9pm and midnight on Tuesday January 18th. What ever fell from the sky turned icicles hanging from the houses eves yellow and green and left dark brown splashes on the sides of homes along Washington Highway and Berryman Drive.

First thought to be waste product from airplanes, but the FAA says different. “The local flight standards inspectors investigated the situation and determined it was not from an aircraft,” FAA spokeswoman Arlene Salac told ABC News.

The Amherst Town Supervisor’s Office says samples have been taken and they are waiting for results.

Another theory is that the mess was caused by bird droppings.

No mention of the countless other time mysterious goo has fallen from the sky, sometimes called star jelly or pwdre sêr, it is my Whales In Space theory that this material is the bodies of Atmospheric Beasts, fragile and lightweight creatures floating around in the upper atmosphere, maybe from another dimension, maybe native to earth, maybe they have traveled here from other planets in gas bubbles and they can handle trips through space. Maybe they are dropped off here by other extraterrestrials to perform a function like clean our atmosphere or telepathically report back information.

That is more fun than bird shit.

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One thought on “Weird Greenish Yellow Goo Falls From New York Sky

  1. Those are the beasts spitting on us. They are prepared to remove our clothing and humiliate us in front of the entire galaxy nude and exposed. Oh the humiliation! We must fight back! Huzzah I am Winston, John Winston.

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