UFO Reports From 1992 Over Los Angeles

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I saw this with a girl I was with at the time.Three lights, not shining or sparkling lights but more like even glowing orbs of a colour I cannot really remember. Perhaps my friend with me remembers the colour. Anyway, it was the way they moved that was most unusual and memorable. They all moved slowly across the sky together,but in relation to each other they moved in and out, like they were on a three spoked wheel.
Imagine a bicycle wheel with only three spokes on it. One light was attached to each spoke only and moved in and out from hub to rim, at the same time as the other two, without leaving the imaginary straight line of the spoke it was on. In addition to this movement, the circular wheel part, rotated clockwise and counterclockwise, in no particular pattern of timing .

It was around 1992 I saw this, over Los Angeles, very clearly.

I told this to an ex of mine and one day whilst in the bedroom, she startled me with seeing something on TV. I went into the lounge, where the TV was and there on the screen was a computerized video, based on sightings made by many people, of what I had seen that night. She had a good memory eh? And God Bless Her, she remembered it from me telling her in words and visual descriptions with my hands, briefly and only once.
Anyway, seeing this was incredibly exciting to me as, (it was kinda scary at the same time), it would not have made it so far, if it was faked or explained.

I do not remember the program or the date it showed.

Her Dad worked for JPL and although skeptical, had to agree that what I described to him, was inconsistent with anything manmade, to his knowledge.

I am not a fake. I don’t talk shit. What I saw was there, and anyone is welcome to contact me and question me on this matter, as long as you are genuinely interested in what I saw and have no intention of harming me or my wife.

There may be footage of what was on TV that day, floating around the internet, but I am yet to find it if there is.

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