Orange Ball of Light Over Plymouth, PA

New Orange Ball of light sighting over Plymouth, Pennsylvania fro June 30th 2011.

Originally left as a comment

in plymouth, pa i was sitting on my front porch and i saw the same orange ball of light! it lasted for about 5 minutes and it went straight across the sky and disappeared. around the same time last year me and my husband saw 4 at separate times during the 4th of july around 3 in the morning. ive been doing research and i havent really found anything. whatever it/they are theyve been visiting quite alot.

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One thought on “Orange Ball of Light Over Plymouth, PA

  1. 3/2/2016, about 3 AM right outside my bedroom window there were orange lights. No sound from the lights. I wanted to know what the lights were, and as I went to go look… Side of my house started to shake and I freaked out. Became scared and paranoid. Noises continued and the lights got brighter. Orange. Started hearing sounds on the roof. At that moment, I thought I was losing my marbles. Was too scared to look out the window at the lights. Lights left but noises remained for a bit. And then they stopped as well. I tried to google the lights and noises to see if anyone else in my area witnessed or heard anything as well. All I found was this post.

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